poon tang (noun phrase)
+ vagina, pussy slang.
poop (noun, mass)
feces Relatively harmless term: 'Look at all the dog poop on the front lawn!'
poop chute (noun phrase)
anus the passage through which excrement travels, possibly derived by analogy from "trash chute;" a phrase often used to describe the anus in the context of discussions of anal sex, as in "Up the old poop chute." The variant spelling, "poopshoot," does not seem to reflect the derivation of the word
pooper-scooper (noun, count)
small shovel for picking up dog feces A somewhat cutesy term: 'The people of big cities are expected to use pooper- scoopers when they take their dogs out for a walk.'
poopshoot (noun, count)
+ anal canal Not a common term: 'John likes to shove long slender objects up his poopshoot.'
+ rectal canal Not commonly used today: 'John's got bugs up his poopshoot.'
poor white trash or p.w.t. (noun)
+ This term is pretty self-explanatory. Be careful! It can enrage those who are the recipient of this term.
porch monkey (noun)
++ black person A very derogatory term referring to Blacks. This word is very common among the rural areas of the US.
crazy, psychotic derived from deranged postal workers who shoot people and then commit suicide "John went totally postal on me today."
prick (noun, count)
penis Just another word for it: 'Mary like's John's big prick.'
pubic hair or pubic area Recent derivation: 'John found crabs in his pubes.'
pull one's pud
+ masturbate As far as it is known, 'pud' only occurs in this idiom. 'John was pulling his pud.'
pull the pin (verb)
to masturbate Derived from pulling the pin of a grenaded. "John was pulling the pin last night."
+ vagina also refers to a cat, but not a woman. There is some variation whether 'pussy' refers to any cat or a female cat.

quad (noun)
A very clumsy person. Often used amongst friends when one makes an embarrasing play during a sports match, e.g. missing a penalty kick, missing the backboard, etc. Derived from the word quadraplegic.
+ a pussy fart i.e. an unpleasantly smelling encapsulation of gas excreted through the vagina, like a fart
gay male who is dominant and rather effeminate This term is used on construction with many other terms.
Queer (KWEER)
++ 1)A Catchall word for someone who is Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, or a straight "friend." 2)Political slant, angry. "John is a Queer Activist."
+ homosexual male Once considered very derogatory, it is being used more and more in the gay community.
quim nuts
+ used to refer to a particularly hanging vagina. john said,"look at the quim nuts on her" whilst browsing through a crotch mag.
+ vagina less offensive term than cunt
+ Female genitailia (n)vulg. meaning comfortable female parts, "ooh I could nestle in that quim tonight", not harsh. orig. Scotland.
+ Female genitailia (n)vulg. meaning comfortable female parts, "ooh I could nestle in that quim tonight", not harsh. orig. Scotland.

rack (noun)
large, firm breasts Check out the rack on that chick!
rag week (noun)
+ the week of the female period slang. orig in university campuses,with reference to annual charity 'rag' week, mainly used to describe male frustration at girlfreinds period i.e. 'been getting it regular with your bird eh, john' 'nah mate she's on rag week'
Rainbow Kiss
when a menstruating female engages in reciprocal oral sex with a man ("69ing") and mixes his semen with her vaginal secretions and blood during a passionate kiss after orgasming in eachother's mouths. For more information on a Rainbow Kiss call 1-800-***-**** M-Th 10pm-12am EST. Ask for Dr. Judy.
++ The action and content of a males ejaculation To Ranch; Oh, honey I am going to Ranch; I am Ranching; I have Ranched.
red tide (noun phrase, idiom)
+ menstral period 'red' obviously refers to 'blood': 'Mary's red tide turns John off.'
red wings
Preforming cunnilingus during menses To earn your "red wings" would be to eat pussy during menstration. The "eater" would then have a "blood mustache".
redneck (noun)
racist white person This term previously refered only to the rural prejudice whites, mostly farmers, who have reddish necks (or a "farmer's tan"). However, its usage has become a lot looser in the past few years and now includes any racist white.
reestie (adj)
Describes unpleasant odour, object or person. Often used in conjunction with the word 'excess': e.g. "I had to get rid of the reestie excess" trans.:"I had to rid myself of the unpleasant odour/object/person etc." Originated in Birmingham slang.
rice queen
+ gay male who is attracted to Asian homosexuals Used humnorously. Considered racist.
riding the porcelain bus
throwing up in the toilet Australian slang. "John got drunk and spent the whole night riding the porcelain bus."
rim (v.t.)
++ to lick someone's anus 'Mary rimmed John's asshole.'
rim job (n.)
++ the act of 'rimming'--licking someone's anus
rump-shaker (noun)
+ the act of sexual intercourse example: John and Mary left to do the rump-shaker.

sausage jockey
+ homosexual male used to desribe the act of bottom sex between two gays. e.g. Richard was proud to be a sausage jockey.
scallywag (noun)
penis Origins unknown. "Pirate Pat was playing with his Scallywag."
indulgence in feces Term not well known outside of circle and the gay world..
screw (noun)
+ fuck (noun) Synonymous with 'piece of ass.' 'John had a hot screw last night.'
screw (verb, transitive and intransitive)
+ fuck Can be used as a replacement for most functions of 'fuck': screw up, screw around, screw off. 'Screwing' does not exist as an expletive, parallel to 'fucking'. It does exist as a gerund and a participle: 'John is screwing Mary.' 'John thinks screwing Mary is fun.'
screw (verb, transitive)
to take unscrupulous advantage of 'The used car salesman screwed John again.'
sex fight (verb)
A sexual game played between two persons A sexual play in which each sexual partner tries to make his/her opponent come first. Sex fight can be played between members of the opposite or the same sex. For more details of this game see the phrase sex fighter.
sex fighter
a man or a woman who likes to play the sex fight game A sex fighter tries to make his/her opponent come first when he/she is fucking with her/him. If he/she does so, he/she is the winner of the sex fight game. He/she is better in bed than her/him. The loser comes first !Sex fight has nothing to do with S/M. It's played with kisses,caresses,bites, strong prick and/or cunt pushes and a lof of dirty talking to excite your sexual opponent in order to make him/her come first.Many times the final winner comes right after his/her opponent. He/she is the winner anyway.Sex fight can be played between two persons in order to find out who is the best in bed, the horniest this time. If they have a different oppinion for something they can play sex fight, the winner decides. E.g if the man wants to see a basketball game and the woman wants to see a soap opera, they can use sex fight in order to find out what they will see.Sex fight can also be used in order to prove someone's superiority via sex. It can be played between members of the same sex.
shit (noun)
+ feces Very commonly used today. In addition to its literal reference, it has many, many subreferents. It is often used as a expletive comment: 'Oh shit!'
shit (noun, count)
+ a person Used dentrimentally: 'John is being a shit today.'
shit (verb, intransitive)
defecate Verb not used as much as noun.
shit (verb, trans.)
+ to lie to someone Perhaps not as strong as the verb 'to lie': 'John is always shitting Mary.'
defecate in ones clothes E.g.: John shit his pants. Sentences of this sort have in addition to the literal meaning, the meaning to be very astonished: "John shit his pants when Mary told him she was knocked up."
shit on a shingle (nounphrase)
chipped beef on toast US army term popularized during World War II.
shit out of luck (preposition phrase?, idiom)
+ really out of luck 'John was shit out of luck after he failed his course for the third time.'
shitcan (verb)
+ To get rid of something. "Shitcan that paper, dude."
shitfaced (adjective)
+ very intoxicated 'John and Mary really got shitfaced down at the bar last night.'
shitfit (compound noun)
+ any kind of a small fit 'John had a shitfit when Mary dumped him for Bill.'
shithead (compound noun)
+ a person Used detrimentally only. 'John is a real shithead.'
shithouse (adjective)
bad situation Australian and UK term referring to a situation that is not going right. For example, "The weather over here is really shithouse!" It can also be used as an expletive.
+ outhouse 'John knocked the shithouse over while Mary was using it.'
shitlist (compound noun)
+ a hypothetical list of person whom one is angry at Used in the following ways: 'Mary is on John's shitlist.' (John is angry at Mary) 'John's shitlist gets longer.' (The number of people John is angry at grows)
shits (noun, plural definite)
+ any displeasurable situation Always used with the definite article: 'The weather is the shits today.'
diarrhea Always used with the definite article: 'John has the shits.'
+ (noun) stupid person. Somewhat stronger than calling someone a "shit"
+ (noun) stupid person. Somewhat stronger than calling someone a "shit"
shoot off (complex verb, intransitive)
+ ejaculate Same as shoot 'ones' load: John shot off as soon as Mary touched his dick,
shoot one's load (verb phrase, idiom)
ejaculate Not a parlour room term: 'John shot his load when he saw the nude photo of James Dean.'
shoot one's wad
+ ejaculate Same as shoot 'ones' load: John shot his wad as soon as he stepped into the circle jerk.
+ an effeminate male, a homosexual male The second reading is often used humorously by gays: "We're going to a sissy bar."
platonic gay buddy of another gay Term not used by 'masculine' gays today: 'John and Bill are sisters.'
sixty-nine (compound noun)
+ perform oral sex This term tends to be used humorously. 'John and Bill performed 69 on each other.'
sixty-nine (compound verb, transitive and reciprocal)
+ to reciprocally perform oral sex with a partner This term derived from the noun. 'John and Bill sixty-nined each other.'
skull fuck
fellatio,blow job,gummer,hummer, Kristin gave Dino the skull fuck of his life during the Canucks game Saturday!
++ someone of chinese origin considered to be very racist by Asians.
+ abusive word for a woman,impling that she is cheap,ugly and sexually active. uk word.
slut (noun, count)
+ a loose and morally questionable woman Not as bad as 'cunt': 'John thinks that Mary is a slut'
+ vagina less offensive term than cunt
sod off (command)
trying to tell someone you are not impressed by their presence Can be used as an alternative to "fuck off": "Look you arsehole, sod off!"
son of a bitch (noun phrase)
+ a despicable person very common term, less offensive today than a generation ago: 'Mary thinks that John is one son of a bitch.'
spank the monkey(verb phrase)
+ to masturbate "John was in the bathroom spanking the monkey"
spear chunker (noun)
++ black person A very derogatory term referring to Blacks. This word's origins are derived from both the past and present state of hunting styles by African natives.
sperm "When I got home from fucking my girlfriend I took off my clothes, and damned if I didn't have dried spooge
semen Common in UK but spunk or spunky meaning plucky, courageous in USA.
squirt -n- spurt (verb)
+ masturbation (particularly when the cum spurts out) "John was playing squirt -n- spurt last night, in bed."
stiffy (noun)
an erection An example of its usage is...."Jack has a stiffy cause Jill pulled her panties down."
suck a fatty
+ Go suck a big fat dick! Usually used in the place of fuck you
homosexual One of several euphimisms for gay: 'John is swedish, you know.'
sweet f.a.
fuck all nothing, eg. sweet f.a to do today
sweet fucking Jesus (phrase)
++ expletive with no particular meaning, conveying annoyance, surprise and generally feeling upset about something or somebody. Street jargon without expressedly blasphemical intention. Rather, the expression is more or less generally functionalized as are "fuck" or "shit".

take a crap (verb, idiom)
+ defecate Synonymous with 'take a shit.' 'John took a crap.' 'John took a crap in his pants.' It has an intentional reading, similar to 'take a shit'. This term is more acceptable than 'take a shit.'
take a dump (ver phrase, idiomatic)
defecate Very non-standard colloquial term: 'John took a big dump last night.'
take a piss (verb, semi-idiom)
+ urinate E.g. "John took a piss." Usually has intentional meaning; c.f. "John took a piss in his pants."
take a shit (verb, idiom)
+ defecate Synonymous with shit (intransitive) "John took a shit." Note that "John took a shit in his pants" has an intentional reading, whereas "John shit his pants," usually has an unintentional reading.
tar baby (noun)
++ black person very derogatory term referring to Blacks. This term is used mostly among older Americans.
tea bagging (adj.)
type of fellatio The act of sucking the testicles. "Mary tea bags real nice". "John enjoys it when he gets tea bagged".
Tea Room
a washroom where sex takes place (usually in the gay culture)
telesis (noun)
progress inteligently planned pacific telesis is the name of a company in California.
the dogs bollocks
+ excellent Probably from London, and interesting because is the only phrase where "bollocks" is used in a positive way, name of a pint of beer made by the Hobgoblin pubs.
The shit hit the fan. (idiomatic verb phrase)
+ undesirable consequences occur as the result to something. The verb here is fully inflected and can be modified: 'The shit really hit the fan when Mary told John she was knocked up.' 'The shit always hits the fan when John calls Mary a dyke.'
threesome (compound noun)
three people involved in sex together Refers to any combination of gender.
threeway woman (adjective noun)
woman who lets the male gender be introduced orally, in her vagina and in anal intercourse. Quite popular in the porn industry. A purely technical term as in "My buddies and I made Mary a threeway woman last night."
urinating (of females) This term is usually avoided by females. Can be used to refer gays urinating, in a humorous sense.
tit in a wringer (phrase)
getting in a jam; being in a tight spot also used to indicate foolishness. ie. if you don't have enough money to pay you'r going to get your tit in a wringer.
+ breast Usually refers to female breast, but may refer to male nipple area especially if chest is not flat.
breast Childish term for 'tit'. Only has female reference.
titty fuck (noun)
masturbation by inserting the penis between smooshed cleavage Another word for Dutch fuck.Example: "Man! Jill gave me the best titty fuck last weekend!"
to dog (verb, transitive)
to mock or ignore someone, to be rude "John was dogging Jane all week because she wouldn't get in bed with him." "Mary was dogging Jane because she found out about her and John."
to swain (v.)
to spontaneously revoke or take back, as in words or actions
toss my salad (verb, masculine)
To enagae in anal intercourse Used by males in prison to engage in anal intercourse. Inmates usually practice this with the aid of lubrication in the form of jelly or honey. They see it as a "clean non-gay" form of sexual pleasure. "Can I toss your salad?". Can also be used as an insult, "Toss my salad!", kind of like "Kiss my ass!".
+ someone who one does not like. used in context 'John's a tosser' John is annoying
trailer trash (noun)
+ This term is a little more descriptive than poor white trash. It is a very BIG insult in the US. This word refers to American whites living in trailers with yard's full of trash and chickens, with several automobiles up on blocks, none of which run.
trick (noun, count)
a hooker's client 'Mary had three tricks last night.'
homosexual pickup 'John picked up three tricks last night.'
trick (verb, intrans.)
to have sex with a pick-up 'John tricked with three guys last night.'
tripping/trippin (verb, intransitive)
1. to be high off drugs 2. to not be thinking correctly The first usage is used more than the second. The second usage refers to when someone makes a mistake. It follows or takes place of "Oops". "Oops, sorry, I must be tripping." "She's wrong. She's trippin." It is mostly used by African-American groups and may not even be known outside of California.
tubs, the (noun, plural)
gay steam bath Used humorously. 'John wen to the tubs last night.'
turd (noun, count)
shit Not totally acceptable, but certainly more so than 'shit': 'John found two cat turds on the floor.'
turd burglar (noun)
male homosexual most often used in a derogatory and humorous manner
+ vagina less offensive term than cunt
twink (noun, count)
slim, smooth, blond young derived from

up shit creek (prepositional phrase, idiom)
+ masturbate to be in a bad situation with no obvious solution. "John is really up shit creek now.'
+ out of luck 'John was up shit creek when his computer crashed the night before his paper was due.'
up yours (prepositional phrase, idiom)
++ A deterimental term derived from 'up your ass'.

vertical bacon sandwich
+ labia Used to descride a particularly hanging vagina. eg John thought that Debbies vertical bacon sandwich was the best he had ever tasted.

+ you are an arsehole, an english word also to mean somebody who masterbates frequently
wasted (verb, trans. and intrans.)
1. to be drunk 2. to seriously mess up someone or something "John got really wasted at the party last night." "Lucy wasted her car in the crash. "
water sports
urination as a turn on Term not well known outside of circle and the gay world..
Wax the Dolphin
+ The act of male masterbation
penis children's term: 'Don't look at my wee-wee!'
wetback (noun)
hispanic person This term refers to all hispanics in the US. Its origins are derived from the Mexicans crossing illegally into the States. Border patrols can easily spot most illegals by wet clothing from crossing the Rio Grande. Although most people think so, it is not a very offensive word to hispanics at all. Even Mexicans call themselves Los Mojados ("the wet ones").
whack off (v. i.)
+ synonym to 'jerk/jack/beat' off
white swallow (compound noun)
+ semen Expression not very well known outside of San Francisco. A bar there originally had this name, but it was forced to drop 'white'. Its logo was a white swallow (bird). 'John thinks a little white swallow never hurt anyone.'
urinate (verb) Probably taken from the sound a urine stream makes. Usage: "I've gotta take a whiz", or simply, "I gotta whiz".
wicked pisser (noun)
used in New England pronounced "wicked pissah" Descibing something very good or very bad. Usage: when used without an article as in "This food is wicked pisser" it is taken to mean very good. when used with an article as in "Your job is a wicked pisser" its taken to mean something very bad.
tantrum "he's having a willie"
wobbly pop (noun)
beer on a hot day a cool wobbly pop sure goes down good......
+ Having an erection used quite often around males
wordhole (noun)
aka mouth Shut your wordhole choad!
(N. Amer.) n. sissy, wimp [wUs] etym. combination of the words "wimp" and "pussy" ex. "I was a teenage wuss", "What a wuss!"

Yasser (noun)
+ erection short for 'Yasser Crackafat' (Arafat obviously)

zipperhead (noun)
+ oriental person A very derogatory term for Asian people. This term was coined by US soldiers referring to the buzz cuts common among the Asians.
zoom-in (noun)
a.k.a. close-up: a frighteningly sudden, unexpected, sometimes unwanted, kiss. As in: 'Ew, John kissed me last night. It was a real zoom-in.' Or: 'John pulled a zoom-in on Mary last night.'
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