finger fuck (verb, transitive)
++ to insert one's finger into a vagina or a rectum for sexual tittilation. Term can be used to refer to a rectal digital examination: "John enjoys getting finger-fucked by his physician."
fish (n)
+ Woman (women) Used by gay men in a derogatory sense; refers to the putatively offensive odor emitted by female genitalia
fist fuck (verb, transitive)
++ to insert a clenched fist into a rectum Not necessarily limited to the gay world.
flange (noun, slang)
+ Vagina Usage: Sexual slang, vulgar. For example; You can see her flange Etymology: From engineering - flange, projecting or raised edge... used to make connection.
flash your gash (phrase)
++ Invitation for intercourse. Australian term.
foursome (compound noun)
four people involved in sex together Refers to any combination of gender. This construction is productive, though rare above four.
french kiss (compound n.)
the act of french kissing Common term today. 'John likes the french kisses he gets from Bill and Mary.'
french kiss (compound noun)
to insert tongue into mouth while kissing Common term today. 'John likes to french kiss Bill and Mary.'
french tickler(noun phrase, idiom)
A condom with appendages on the end supposedly to give more sensation to the recipient. 'John screwed Mary with a french tickler.'
fruit (noun, count)
homosexual male term not used much today.
fruit fly
a woman who likes the company of male homosexuals An alternate form of 'fag hag'; used humorously. 'Mary is a fruit fly.'
fuck (noun)
++ (no meaning) Term can be used with the definite article as a pure expletive in sentence initial position: 'What the fuck are you doing, Mary?' 'The fuck you say!' It can also be used with the definite article: 'Like fuck I'm going to date Mary tonight!'
++ the act of fucking' (roughly) Synonymous with 'piece of ass.' 'John had a hot fuck last night.'
fuck (verb, intransitive)
++ have intercourse See fuck (transitive). Here, it must have a conjoined subject: John and Mary are fucking.
fuck (verb, transitive)
++ to have intercourse with someone. This word was once considered the most unacceptable word in English. In the last twenty years it has become more acceptable in various contexts. Still not acceptable in parlour room contexts, in school, etc. Though banned on American TV it can be heard on Canadian TV and radio in certain limited cases.
fuck around (verb, intransitive)
++ do nothing imporant or nothing at all. "John's just fucking around today."
++ go away Used an expletive to indicate to indicate mild annoyance: "Well, fuck around!"
fuck around (verb, transitive)
++ To be somehwt dishonest with someone. "John's fucking Mary around all the time."
fuck me harder (sentence, idiom)
++ Expression in response to an unwanted and undesirable action done to the speaker.
fuck off (verb, intransitive)
++ go away Usually used as a command in an uncomplementary sense: "Fuck off, asshole!"
fuck oneself (verb phrase)
++ get lost Outside of the literal meaning which few males can do, this expression has abouat the same meaning as 'get lost'; i.e. go away.: Mary told John to go fuck himself.
fuck up (verb, intransitive)
++ make a mistake See fuck (transitive).
fuck up (verb, transitive)
++ (1) to make a mess out of something, (2) to cause someone to become psychologically unstable. See fuck up (intransitive). (1) "John really fucked his assignment up." (2) "John's parents really fucked him up."
fucked (past tense of fuck), (passive participle)
++ (1) to be psychologically maladjusted, (2) to be a mess (of situations and certain objects) Derived from and generally synonymous with 'fuck up'. "John is really fucked." "John's project is fucked beyond hope."
fucked up (passive participle)
++ (1) to be psychologically maladjusted, (2) to be a mess (of situations and certain objects) See 'fuck up'.
to be using larger doses of drugs than normal such as alcohol or acid Used in the drug community for people who are tripping hard.
fucker (noun)
++ a male person Derogatory term: 'The little fucker stole 10 bucks.'
++ One who fucks 'John is a squirrely fucker.'
fucking (adjective)
++ (no specific meaning) term is commonly used as an expletive with a pejorative sense: 'John is a fucking asshole.'
fugly ( adjective)
+ short for fucking ugly "Damn, that bitch was fugly"

gangbang (compound noun)
a group performing sex on an individual The group usually refers to males. 'John was the victom of a gangbang.'
gangbang (compound verb)
to peform in a gangbang 'John was gangbanged while in jail.'
gangsta bitch
A female who is less than a woman, who hangs out with or participates with a crowd that is involved in gang activity Natolie is a Gansta Bitch; No I am not talking to you Im talking to that Gangsta Bitch over on the corner
get bent
get fucked Said in a derogtory way. Why don't you go get bent!
get it on
have sex 'John got it on with Mary.'
get it up (verb phrase)
+ get an erection rather mild term: 'John got it up when he read Playbunnie.'
get laid (verb phrase, passive)
have intercourse Relatively common term, but not acceptable in polite society. Originally, term probably required a female subject, but either gender may be a subject today: 'John got laid last night.'
get off
ejaculate 'John finally got off when Mary shoved a dildo up his ass.
get (one's) shit together
correct personality deficiency; prepare one's self "I wish Mary would get her shit together and quit letting Bill beat her up whenever he gets drunk;" "The customer expects up at 8am-- be sure you have your shit together."
give a shit
+ to care Usually used with negative particle: 'John doesn't give a shit about Mary.'
glory hole (compound noun)
+ a hole in a partition dividing two toilets I'll leave the function of this hole up to the imagination of the readers. If the reader can't figure it out, he should consult his gay buddies, unless, of course, the reader is homophobic, in which case, presumably, he would have no gay buddies.
a hole in the ground formerly excavated for mining. These glory holes have become overgrown with grass and weeds since they were abandoned and pose a threat to unwary hikers. There is a state park in the Sonora region of California called 'Glory Hole State Park' The name of this park must amuse all of the Bay Area queens who like to cruise around in the foothills.
go down on (verb phrase)
+ perform oral sex This term is not very commonly used today. 'John and Mary went down on each other.'
Gob the knob
+ The act of performing fellatio.
god damn
+ (expletive) Probably the oldest curse in English.Is considered very strong by the religious, though many persons of the collar have been heard to use it. Sometimes it is spelled 'goddam': 'John is a god damn liar.'
golden shower
the act of urinating on another person. Term not well known outside of circle and the gay world..
gook (noun)
+ oriental person Asians do not like this term at all.
+ Anal Intercourse Mary likes to have it Greek.
Groe (noun)
+ A Negro, or person of African descent A pejorative term for African-Americans, or Negroes. Used extensively in New England (USA). Example: "You drive like a Groe..," meaning, you drive like a Negro (with no respect for other drivers).
the contractions of the rectum during anal sex from the English "gross" meaning disgusting or vile!
gummer (noun)
blow job from an old (toothless) person derived from "hummer" with alteration concerning lack of teeth in mouth: "Sometimes I wish Bert would give me a gummer."

hair pie
vagina not as insulting as cunt for obvious reasons.10
hard-on (noun)
+ penile rection Most common of the synonyms for erection. "John woke up with a hard-on."
have (verb, transitive)
to copulate 'John had Mary last night.'
to take unscrupulous advantage of 'John was had by the salesman.'
head (noun)
fellatio To give or receive. Unisex..'Mary asked John if she could give him head'
herb (noun)
A male, derogatory. synonomous with dork
hershey highway (noun)
+ lower intestinal tract surrounding the anus This word is very well known to gays. It is a very visual descriptive word which shouldn't need too much explaining. An example of its usage is, "Hey want to ride down my hershey highway?"
hodgie (noun)
++ An openly gay man. Influences others by the showing of the penis etc. Originated from an individual named Sean Hodgson. Example: John is such a hodgie! He showed his dick to me last night!
honkey (noun)
white person A rather humorous term used toward white people. I don't believe most Whites are offended by this term at all. Back in the day, some white men use to sit outside the Globe Theater in Harlem in their big American cars....waiting for the black women that performed that night to come out. (most of the black female performers doubled as prostitutes) If the white men wanted to have sex with a certain black perfomer then he would honk his horn for her to come over to his car. Thus, the word "honkey" was coined.
To spit Used in 'Wayne's World'.
how's your hammer hangin'? (phrase)
Used to inquire as to one's state of well being. John: How's your hammer hangin' Joe? Joe: not too bad thanks for asking. OR John: How's your hammer hangin' Joe? Joe: A little to the left and in the dirt.
+ blow job current slang
hung (adjective)
to have a large penis 'Hung' has no comparative or superlative form. 'John is really hung.' '*John is hunger than Bill.'

itchy eye (noun)
hemorroids another term for hemorroids referring to one of the symptoms. That symptom being the itching sensation of the sphincter. "I've got the itchy eye!"

jack off (verb, intransitive)
++ masturbate (also transitive). 'John jacked off after Mary went home.'
jack off (verb, transitive)
++ masturbate another person The direct object is a male. 'Mary jacked John off since she wouldn't screw him.'
to jack off (verb)ok to use in class (i have and teachers usually don't mind(just be care full))
jackshit (noun)
"nothing". Emphasis on "shit".Used in the phrase, "John doesn't know jackshit about women."
(N. Amer.) v. to steal [jei] etym. origin probably from the bird "jay", which feeds by sweeping down to the ground and picking up morsels of food in that manner. ex. He jayed my baseball cap!
jerk off (verb, transitive and intransitive)
+ masturbate Used as an alternative to 'jack off' in both senses.
Jesus H. Christ (name)
+ An expletive, considered offensive by the religious. The source of the middle initial is uncertain. 'Jesus H. Christ! You can't be pregnant!'
jizz (noun)
+ sperm Common a generation ago, this term is fading, being replaced with 'come'.
jizzum (noun)
+ sperm Almost obsolete form of 'jizz'.
john (noun)
restroom, room with a toilet (toilets) Very commonly used. 'Mary woke up in the john.'
the client of a prostitute Becky was paid well by her john for the nooner. Presumably derived from a johns need for anonymity.
breasts Mary has got a massive pair of jugs
jungle fever (noun)
Horny for black men Racially biased preference or sexual desire for black men by a white woman. When Mary learned that Debbie's boyfriend was black, she was surprised and said, "You got jungle fever?"
Horny for black men Racially biased preference or sexual desire for black men by a white woman. When Mary learned that Debbie's boyfriend was black, she was surprised and said, "You got jungle fever?"

kike (noun)
+ jewish person (rhymes with bike)
knock up (verb, transitive)
impregnate American term. In Britain in means to get someone up by knocking. 'John knocked Mary up last week.'
knockers (noun, plural)
breasts Providence: more common in the United Kingdom than in North America Pronunciation: rhymes with talkers Etymology: breasts knock against each other when moving Example: "Ooooh, look at the size of her knockers!"
know (one's) shit
be very competent "When it comes to plumbing, Bill really knows his shit."
krunk (noun)
Word used in place of dirty word Made popular on late night show by Connan O'Brian. Proper Use is, "What a load of krunk" or "Oh boy, is the krunk going to hit the fan"

lace curtains
{sexual instinct; lust} John's Libido was high the first night he was alone with Mary. pronounced lu-bee-dough)
watercloset, restroom, toilet British term: 'John has gone to the loo.'
loose (adjective)
+ sexually permiscuous Origannly said of women, but could be said of men: 'John and Mary are both very loose'
lop cock (compound noun)
+ Circumcised penis This term not currently in use. It seems to have been used in the 30's and 40's.
love juice
semen Not commonly used: 'John squirted his love juice all over Mary.'
lucky Pierre (compound noun)
the middle male in a threesome Implies John is fucking one person while getting fucked by another. Used in the gay world, but could be used in menage a trois with two men and one woman.

meat (noun, mass)
+ penis Unlike 'cock', this noun can not be counted: *'John has a big meat.' but: 'John has a big piece of meat.'
meat puppet(noun)
penis. (Not common) "Do you want to play with my meat puppet?
meatrack (noun, def.)
butch men in a row Term refers to butch or hunky men lined up at a bar or at tables along the wall in a bar or some gay establishment. The men are obviously waiting to be picked up. Term could be used by women in search of hetersexual guys.
morning wood
Erection of the penis first thing in the morning
mother fucker(compound noun)
++ A very gross person This term could be the most offenseive expressed in the language. Ir shows intense anger of the speaker. In certain dialects it has been shortened to 'mother', but with still the same intensity in meaning. 'mohter' has become so bad, that now spekaers of such dialects do one refer to eir mothers as 'mother; but use a different term such as 'mama, ma, mom': 'John is a real mother fucker.
mother fucking (adjective)
++ (an expletive) Derived form 'mother fucker,' it is as offensive as 'motherfucker.'
muff diver
+ one who performs oral sex on a woman 'John thinks that muff divers are repulsive.'

N.F.G. (acronym)
+ No Fucking Good Usage example: Your idea is NFG.
effeminate refers to males, usually gay though not necessarily: 'John is a bit nellie.'
nigga (noun)
++ (see nigger)
nigger (noun)
++ black person This is probably the most explosive and violatile word in the English language, even more so than "mother fucker." It is commonly used by Blacks amongst themselves, as in, "Hey!..little nigga..wazzzup?" However, it is a VERY, VERY strong word when used by any non-black person toward any black person. For more on the subject of "Black English," see The Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary also provided by Hans-Christian Holm.
nookey (noun)
+ sex Spelling uncertain. Seems to be etymologically related to the Dutch word 'neuken (to fuck).' 'John's going out to look for a little nookey tonight.'
dorky, very annoying person "My college roommate is a noonan." Derived from an ND freshman with the roommie from hell, Allison.
nooner, noun (count)
sex at noon (during one's lunch break) Term usually refers to males who can't get away from home in the evening.
the person involved in a nooner Term usually refers to males who can't get away from home in the evening.
+ HomoSexual John is a nudger
+ testicle Alternate form of 'ball'. 'John has small nuts.'

oh shit! (expletive)
+ Expression used when an unexpected or undesirable event has occurred or is about to occur: 'Oh shit! Now I'll never get that paper done.' 'Oh shit! We're gonna crash!'
old fart (noun)
+ An older male person. Usually used humorously, though could be considered offensive.
on the blob
+ it's that time of the month Used commonly when encountering foul mooded women..e.g. 'oh no, she's on the blob!'
one's tits in a knot
+ be upset used as a complement of 'get', 'have', 'keep, etc.: 'John got his tits in a knot and he kept them there.'
one's tits on (prepositional phrase, a small clause; idiom).
+ be patient used as a complement of 'keep, etc.: 'John kept his tits on.'
orlando (noun)
+ rural black person This term refers to the "old-school" black person who does not keep current with the "gansta" styles of music or clothing. Black people often use this toward each other in an insulting way. This is US East Coast lingo.

pain in the ass (noun phrase)
+ nuisance Common expression in the heterosexual community: 'John is a fucking pain in the ass.'
pearl necklace (compound noun)
+ sperm surrounding one's neck after ejaculation This term comes from the straight community. 'Mary is not fond of pearl necklaces.'
pecker cheese (compound noun, non-count)
++ smegma Not used in polite company: 'Neither John nor Mary are into pecker cheese.'
pecker tracks (compound noun, count)
+ Sperm left over on a sheet or other similar object after masturbation is complete. Noun normally used in the plural. 'John's mother found John's sheets full of pecker tracks.'
+ penis almost as common as 'cock'
peckerwood (noun)
+ white person A derogatory word for white males; used by other races.
pee (verb, intransitive)
urinate Used fairly commonly today, Acceptable on American television. It has transitive function similar to 'piss'.
penis Childish term. 'Johnny's pee-pee hurts.'
period (noum)
menstrual period standard colloquial term, not parlour room term: 'Mary started her period yesterday.'
phungky (adj.)
cool; other spelling for funky e.g.: Your new CD is phungky, dude!
piece of ass (nounphrase, idiom)
+ a fuck used as a complement of 'get', have': "John got a piece of ass last night.'
pillow biter
more commonly known as a homosexual! phrase describing the common position of the bumholerous fuckerous
pinch one off (compound verb)
defecate Expletetive reference by men to defecation. Litterally: to terminate the action of feces extrusion through the anus by contracting the muscular anal aperture. At work Steve said, "I need to take a break, I have to pinch one off." (Also: to "pinch a loaf")
piss (verb, intransitive)
+ urinate
piss (verb, transitive)
+ urinate in one's clothing E.g. "John pissed his pants." Usually has unintentional reading.
piss ant (descriptive)
a sheepish person. Non-desript individual. Young punk. Non factor "Don't worry about John. He's just a little piss ant.
piss flappers (compound noun, count)
++ women's labia Very rude expression: 'John amazed at Mary's large piss flappers.'
piss off (complex noun)
+ thing or person that causes one to be angry. Derived from the complex verb 'piss off': 'Mary finds John to be quite a piss off.'
piss off (verb, transitive)
+ make angry E.g. "John pissed Mary off."
piss up a storm (verb, semi-idiom)
+ urinate for a relative long time E.g. "John pissed up a storm." It means that John pissed and pissed and pissed.
pissed (predicate adjective)
angry derived from 'pissed off': 'John was pissed after they threw him out of the bar.'
drunk derived from 'pissed off': 'John got pissed at the bars last night.'
pissed to the gills (adjective phrase)
+ very inebriated One of many expressions for inebriation. 'John got pissed to the Gills at the White Swallow.'
pitch a tent in your shorts(phrase)
To get an erection When John saw Mary naked he pitched a tent in his shorts.
plow (verb)
aggressive insertive intercourse The passive partner can "get plowed" or "be plowed." Albee's _Virginia Woolf_ used plow in the active sense, when Nick promised to "plow a few pertinent wives."
pocket pool
to play with yourself discreetly with your hands in your pocket(s) "I was playing pocket pool with myself as I stood in front of her"
pocket pool (noun)
to stand with hand(s) in pockets and fondle penis/testicles Requires boxer shorts and pleated trousers. "Hey John, how's that game of pocket pool going?"