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+ no real translation; suffix that can be added freely to ANY word... e.g.: Shutup, dickwad! Piss off, asswad! Go away, stainwad!

arse bandit
+ HomoSexual John is an arse bandit
anus British equivalent of asshole
afternoon This word is used extensively in Australia and also in England in some places.
ass boy (noun)
++ Derogatory term for male homosexual. "Whatever you say, ass boy."
buttocks Now acceptable term on US television. 'John has a big ass.'
+ asshole, shithead Adj; Said in place of saying no, or when someone says something stupid and a smart retort is needed. Usage: Not quite, assfuck.
+ anus; detrimental person second meaning very common nowadays. 'Mary thinks that John is an asshole.'
asswipe (compound noun)
+ human male Used detrimentally. 'Hey, asswipe, when are you going to give me back the five bucks you borrowed from me?'
+ toilet paper Not commonly used today.
+ Worthless piece of paper, like a parking ticket
aunty (noun)
likable older gay male, not necessarily effeminate

ball (noun)
stupid or silly person Generally used in response to an unintelligent action, such as in "Don't be a ball." or sarcastically responding to something stupid said: "Okay.... ball." or as an observation of another's character (or lack thereof): "Hope is such a ball." This word comes from the reference to the testicle.
ball (verb)
to fornicate Popular term in the US during the 70s
+ testicle Usually used in the plural. Not considered obscene today. 'John has a big pair of balls.'
baltic (adj.)
cold mainly used in the phrase 'it's bloody baltic'
bang (verb, transitive)
+ to fornicate Does not seem to have intransitive use:\] 'John banged Mary all night.' '*John and Mary banged all night.'
basket (noun)
The visible shape that the male genitals make in one's pants 'John has a big basket.'
bastard (noun)
+ a despicable person, illegitamate male very common term, less offenssive today than a generation ago: 'Mary believes that John is a real bastard.'
baths, the (noun, plural)
gay steam bath common term for steam bath. 'John got laid at the baths last night.'
be on the rag (verb phrase)
+ have one's menstrual period stronger than 'period': 'Mary is on the rag.'
bear (count noun)
a hairy beefy gay male 'Both Mary and John like bears.'
beast with two backs (noun)
the form of a couple during intercourse Often used with "to make." John made the beast with two backs with Mary last night.
beat off (verb, transitive and intransitive)
+ jack off (verb, trans. and intransitive) variation of jack off. Used less commonly. 'John beats off twice a night.'
beaver (noun, slang)
+ Vagina Usage: Sexual slang, vulgar. For example; Show me your beaver, love. Etymology: Probably from furry skin of animal of similar name Pronounciation: Bee-vah
beef (noun, noncount)
well-built male used by both the heterosexual and homosexual communities. 'Mary gets turned on by beef.'
beef curtains (noun)
++ offensive term for the female genitals using this term to describe an induvidual girls parts, when she is present will invite quite a lot of abuse, as it alludes to a female being well packed and not very clean, i.e. 'Mary, I bet when you're in the shower with the window open, your beef curtains flap around in the wind' followed by a slap and a thud as john hits the floor.
bell end
+ tip of the penis enlish slang, can be used to desribe the body part or as an insult, words should be rung together, as if the second l was the beginging of end,
an idiot (usually male) derived from rhyming slang (Berkley hunt, cunt), though "Berkley" would normally be pronounced, "BARKley"
bi (adjective)
bisexual abbreviated form of bisexual: 'John is bi.'
biatch (noun)
variant of bitch Can be used to refer to a male or a female, a friend or an enemy. eg: "What are you doing, biatch?"
biffy (noun, count, definite)
bathroom, restroom Canadian term: 'Mary's in the biffy.'
an oppressive woman term has gained general acceptance in recent times; original terms refers to 'female dog.' 'John found Mary out to be a vicious bitch.'
bloody hell (b&lUdI hell)
oh my gosh english slang, used to express shock, the h can be silent,(for accent purposes), better sounding when pronounsed slower.
blow job
+ fellatio Standard unacceptable term. 'Mary gave John a good blow job.'
blow your wad
+ To ejaculate, to indicate surprise or excitement John blew his wad when he won the lottery John blew his wad when he saw mary naked.
To spend all of your money John took Mary out and blew his wad on an expensive meal.
bob (noun)
big ol bitch used to describe extremely obese women. ie. hey, look out for the bob.
ugly woman That bird is a right boiler
boink (verb, transitive)
Have intercourse with. 'John likes to boink Mary.' current slang.
bollocks , bollicks
uk slang the chap is a bit balls,or a load of bolicks
boner (noun, count)
+ erection Term not heard much today: 'John had his first boner when he was ten.'
breast (female) Relatively acceptable today. 'Mary has big boobs.'
brown (verb)
to sniff an asshole; to butter someone up in order to win a favor. First meaning uncommon; second meaning common in the military and other large organizational institutions.
buddy (noun)
pal, guy Very used in the States
bugger (noun)
One who copulates in the rectum. See 'buggery'.
buggery (noun)
The act of copulating in the rectum. A legal term in British and Canadian law.
built like a brick shithouse (nounphrase, idiom)
+ well built physiologically 'John is built like a brick shithouse.'
bull dyke (compound noun)
+ masculine lesbian synonym for diesel dyke. Term not commonly used today.
person (male) who bangs bums it should be quite clear in what circumstance(s) this word could be used
bunghole (noun)
+ anus very popular usage among US adolescents due in large part to MTV's Beavis and Butthead. Huhuhuhuhuh.
buns (noun, plural)
buttocks 'Mary likes John's buns.'
bush boogie (noun)
++ black person very derogatory term referring to Blacks; derived from their jungle origins.
butch (adjective)
masculine Term used may be used in heterosexual community, but is frequent (or used to be) in the gay community. 'Mary is very butch, and so is John.'

cacker (noun)
someone who cacks Used as provocative gesture to unsavoury characters: eg "Sod off you cacker Rawhide"
camel toes
vagina a vagina as seen through a tight pair of jeans or pants.10
can (noun)
Restroom, room with a toilet (toilets). 'John passed out in the can.' Very commonly used.
cancer stick (noun, count)
+ A cigarette John, if you keep smoking those cancer sticks the way you do, they'll kill you.
carpet muncher
(noun) a person who performs cunninlingus
cathouse (compound noun, count)
whorehouse Not used as commonly as 'whorehouse': "John found out that Mary was earning 10 bucks a night at the local cathouse."
cherry (noun)
hymen, state of being verginal standard colloquial term, not parlour room term: 'Mary lost her cherry when she was 14.' Term can be used for males who have had their first sexual experience: 'John lost his cherry last night.'
chicken hawk
Gay male who likes underage males. Alternative form of 'chicken queen', used by 'masculine' gay males. 'John considers himself a chicken hawk.'
chicken queen
+ gay male who is attracted to underage males homosexuals Used somewhat derogatorily.
underage male. Used in the gay world only.
chief (noun)
a stupid person You're thick - i.e. 'You're a chief' Not rude at all.
choad (noun)
+ penis Popular high school word. Not to be confused with "chode", which isn't as strong, and only means stupid or dumb
chocolate cha cha
+ Have anal intercourse John and George danced the chocolate cha cha all night.
chode- OR -chode
+ dumb person; can be used alone OR as a prefix OR as a suffix e.g.: Shut up, chodelick! Piss off, dickchode! You're a chode!
choke the chicken (verb phrase)
+ to masturbate "Bill was choking the chicken while reading Playboy"
chow box
+ Eat Pussy Can be used as a command
+ An insult A bible thumping, back sliding hypocrite, or more technically know as a Backslidious Hypocritious:) and simply called a Chian!!!!
chubby chaser
male who is attracted to fat homosexuals used humnorously. 'Mary thinks that John is a chubby chaser.'
throw "to throw a ball"
to vomit "I'm going to chuck..."
circle jerk (compound noun, count)
+ An event where a group of males stand facing each other in a circle, each one masturbating. Not used in the straight community much except by young adoleschents who are first experiencing the joys of sex. 'John takes part in a circle jerk every Saturday night.'
clap, the (noun, singular)
gonorrhea Common term: 'John got the clap at the tubs again.'
clit fight (verb)
A sexual game between two women The sex fight game, played between two women who fuck each other with their clits. For more details about the sex fight game see the phrase sex fighter
++ clitoris abbreviated form of clitoris. This word should not be used in the presence of women except politically uncorrect ones.
closet (noun, mass)
Hiding ones gayness. Term originated as 'in the closet', then 'out of the closet' to refer to acknowledging ones gayness: 'John was in the closet for a long time before he came out of the closet last year.' Term has since been extended to refer to any skeleton in the closet; i.e., anything one is unwilling to be open about.
closet queen (compound noun, count)
A person in the closet. Term used only in the gay community, not used much today. 'John was a closet queen before he came out.'
cock ring (noun, count)
A piece of leather (usually) worn around the shank of the penis It purpose is to enhance an erection. 'John bought a new cock ring and wears it on weekends.' Term came out of the closet in the TV film 'Tales of the City.'
++ penis This is one of the more common synonyms for penis. 'John has a small cock.'
cocksmoker (noun)
+ A fellator Any male person. Canadian term.
cocksucker (noun)
++ A fellator; any male person. The term is used in a deragatory and insulting way. 'Hey, you goddamn cocksucker, give my condoms back to John.'
come (verb, intransitive)
+ ejaculate sometimes spelled as 'cum'. The verb is irregular - it is conjugated like 'come': "John came this morning."
come stain( noun)
+ Stain (usually found on sheets)created by the remnants of intercourse fluids. Someone who is a real jerk. "Did you get the come stain out of the sheet?" "Fuck you , come stain." Also may be spelled cum stain.
coon (noun)
+ black person
cornhole (verb, trans.)
+ to have anal intercourse with someone This terms seems to be passing into obscurity: 'John cornholes Bill once a month.'
cotton picker (noun)
++ black person Derogatory term for Blacks. Its origins refer to the US's period of slavery. It is a BIG insult to any black person in America.
body lice found in the pubic area Old term. 'Mary found crabs in her pubes.'
cracker (noun)
white person A term used toward white people, although most Whites do not seem to be offended by this term.
crap (noun, mass)
feces Common term, not offensive, but should not be used in parlour room conversation: 'There is crap all over the front yard!'
crap (verb, intrans.)
defecate Like other similar neutral terms, this one should not be used n parlour room conversation: 'John craps twice a day.'
crap (verb, trans.)
defecate Like other similar neutral terms, this one should not be used n parlour room conversation. Its direct object is the goal of location: 'John crapped his pants.'
crapper (noun, count)
restroom, toilet Common term, not offensive, but should not be used in parlour room conversation: 'John is in the crapper.' Mary is sitting on the crapper.' This term became immortalized when the flush toilet was invented by a Mr. Crapper.
cream one's jeans (verb phrase, idiom)
+ to ejaculate in one's underwear (or pants) In addition to its obvious meaning term may also refer to someone getting very excited over something: 'John creamed his jeans when he saw the nude photo of James Dean.' 'John creamed his jeans when he saw Bill's restored '57 Chev.'
cum (neutral, noun)
+ semen, ejaculate Possibly from "to come" (i.e. to ejaculate), it is widely used in the porn industry (vide porn video dialogues & titles); also used as a verb, as in "John is cumming inside Mary".
++ vagina Considered more offensive than 'fuck' today.
++ woman A very offensive word refering to a woman, stronger than 'bitch.'
curry queen
+ gay male who is attracted to East Indian homosexuals Used humnorously. Considered racist. 'John came back from India a curry queen.'
cut (n)
circumcised, having the foreskin of the penis, or the clitoris removed. Males were circumcised back in Biblical times as a form of obediance, and as a sacrifice to the Almighty Lord. Women in some Indian civilizations were circumcised as a ritual, and a form of punishment. (The purpose of this is to desensitize the woman so that sex is no longer enjoyable.
circumcised seems to be more British than American. See 'clipped.'

darky (noun)
+ black person This is used a lot by older white people when referring to any black person. It is not as offensive as nigger, but it is still has very strong undertones.
dick (noun, count)
penis shouldn't be used in parlor room conversatin.
dickwad (adjective)
+ someone who acts like a jerk. Asshole. "Eat me, you fucking dickwad"
diddle (verb, transitive)
have intercourse with unoffenive slang term.
to have intercourse with This verb is used only transitively; it does not have the intransitive use that 'fuck' and 'screw' have: 'John diddled Mary.' '*John and Mary were diddling.'
diesel dyke