Morrison, Donna (marriage to William R Craig) (i792)


Moseley, Mary (marriage to Joshua Paine) (i2019), b.1743-d.1810


Mowry, Uriah (marriage to Urania Paine) (i371), b.1705-


Munro, (marriage to Eliza Bell Brown) (i1888)


Murray, Ted (marriage to Julie Thornton) (i825)


Nancekivell, Wilhelmine (marriage to Fred Joseph Brown) (i1866), b.1879-d.1939


Nash, Hannah (marriage to Seth Paine) (i2011), b.1771-d.1842


Neidle, Frances Ellen (marriage to Lincoln Denton Paine) (i32), b.1937-


Newell, Charles Peter Ward (i49)
Newell, Elihu (marriage to Lucy Paine) (i1125)
Newell, Patricia Moir (i50)
Newell, Philip Rutherford (i47)
Newell, Philip Rutherford (marriage to Martha Adele Paine) (i45)
Newell, Timothy Paine (i48)


Nichols, Samuel (i1569), b.1809-d.1822
Nichols, Solomon (marriage to Violetta Paine) (i1567), d.1813
Nichols, Sylvenus (i1568), b.1807-d.1887


Nimmo, Andrew Christopher (i445)
Nimmo, Cari Ann (i795)
Nimmo, Rebecca Anne (i837)
Nimmo, Rusty (marriage to Pamela Sue Silverman) (i797)
Nimmo, Rusty Joshua (i841)
Nimmo, Theresa Maria (i839)


Norton, Danny Dee (i1042)
Norton, Darrell Dee (i1039)
Norton, Dee Howard (marriage to Ruth Paine) (i186), b.1887-
Norton, Dee Wiswell (i1040), b.1922-
Norton, Dorothy Howard (i187), b.1913-
Norton, Emily Ruth (i188), b.1914-
Norton, Howard Reeve (i1038)
Norton, Jeremy John (i1044)
Norton, Mary Joy (i1028), b.1917-
Norton, Merrill Guy (i1034)
Norton, Nancy Ruth (i1037)
Norton, Ralph Paine (i1030), b.1920-
Norton, Raymond Ralph (i1032)
Norton, Reeve Wiswell (i1035), b.1922-
Norton, Shelley Paine (i1045)
Norton, Thomas Sevier (i1043)
Norton, Victor (marriage to Hannah L Payne) (i406)
Norton, Virginia May (i1033)


Nyman, Clarissa Rebecca (marriage to Byron Paine) (i1324)


O'Brien, James Justin (i109)
O'Brien, Sarah (i346)
O'Brien, Stephen (i127)
O'Brien, Wendy (i100)
O'Brien, William Howard (marriage to Sarah Sargent Paine) (i53)


Onion, Jonathan (marriage to Ann Aldis) (i889)


Oppfelt, Anita Teresa (marriage to Charles Melvin Payne) (i466), b.1893-d.1987


Orton, Charlotte E (marriage to John Walworth Paine) (i1953)


Otis (marriage to Frances Paine Middendorf) (i67)


Overby, Kimberly Kristen (marriage to Paul Glen Henry) (i372)


Padgham, David (marriage to Martha L Payne) (i404)


Paine, (i1328), b.1867-
Paine, Aaron (i1133), b.1741-
Paine, Abigail (i443), b.1713-
Paine, Abigail (i925), b.1722-
Paine, Abigail (i1073), b.1739-
Paine, Abigail (i1476), b.1775-d.1853
Paine, Abraham (i1102), b.1722-d.1739
Paine, Abraham (i1994), b.1743-
Paine, Abraham Williams (i130), b.1774-d.1833
Paine, Abram (i137), b.1738-
Paine, Adolphus (i1461), b.1775-
Paine, Adrienne (i60)
Paine, Alathea (i1153), b.1697-d.1747
Paine, Albert (i280), b.1819-d.1901
Paine, Albert George (i178), b.1848-
Paine, Alberta Edith (i252), b.1895-
Paine, Almira (i1472), b.1800-d.1841
Paine, Amanda (i1502), b.1821-d.1891
Paine, Amaryllis (i2022), b.1767-d.1834
Paine, Amasa (i1184), b.1762-d.1823
Paine, Amos (i65)
Paine, Amos (i136), b.1736-d.1790
Paine, Ann (i1100), b.1719-
Paine, Anna (i138), b.1738-d.1811
Paine, Anna (i1362)
Paine, Anna Belle (i1516), b.1873-d.1907
Paine, Anne (i143), b.1688-d.1746
Paine, Anne (i1137)
Paine, Anne (i1185), b.1764-
Paine, Asa (i1986), b.1744-
Paine, Asa (i2016), b.1752-d.1778
Paine, Asahel Ellsworth (i1474), b.1770-d.1821
Paine, Asahel King (i1451), b.1790-d.1870
Paine, Aurel (i1278), b.1839-
Paine, Aurel (i1294), b.1798-d.1805
Paine, Azina (i1477), b.1778-
Paine, Barbara Kaufman (i357), b.1917-
Paine, Barth (i63)
Paine, Barton Friend (i1217), b.1818-d.1901
Paine, Barton Ward (i1381), b.1843-d.1915
Paine, Bathsheba (i1090)
Paine, Benjaman (i1084)
Paine, Benjamin (i160), b.1673-d.Apr
Paine, Benjamin (i784), b.1699-
Paine, Benjamin (i1099), b.1716-d.1774
Paine, Bernice (i1345)
Paine, Betsey (i1426), b.1765-
Paine, Betsey (i1769), b.1810-
Paine, Bety (i125), d.1766
Paine, Bonnie Heather (i939)
Paine, Brinton (i1409), b.1738-d.1820
Paine, Brinton (i1441), b.1777-d.1813
Paine, Brinton (i1730), b.1806-d.1850
Paine, Byron (i1323), b.1827-
Paine, Caroline (i1385)
Paine, Caroline (i2039), b.1801-
Paine, Caroline (marriage to John Paine) (i2039), b.1801-
Paine, Carrie L (i1333)
Paine, Catherine (i1387)
Paine, Celinda (i1475), b.1772-
Paine, Charles (i1485), b.1798-d.1817
Paine, Charles (i2038), b.1799-d.1854
Paine, Charles C (i1292), b.1793-d.1838
Paine, Charles C (i1386)
Paine, Charles C (marriage to Sally Maria Paine) (i1292), b.1793-d.1838
Paine, Charles Ellsworth (i1312)
Paine, Charles Hamilton (i283), b.1853-d.1909
Paine, Charles Henry (i1450), b.1788-d.1859
Paine, Charles Henry (i1500), b.1869-d.1954
Paine, Charles Henry (i1505), b.1828-d.1893
Paine, Charlotte Irene (i1280)
Paine, Charrie Maria (i1283), b.1849-
Paine, Chester William (i344)
Paine, Child (i321)
Paine, Child (i1128), b.1731-
Paine, Child (i1129), b.1733-
Paine, Christopher Ward (i29)
Paine, Clarissa (i1431), b.1777-
Paine, Craig Fowler (i903), b.1954-
Paine, Cynthia June (i1017)
Paine, Daniel (i122), b.1736-d.1777
Paine, Daniel (i128), b.1766-d.1830
Paine, Daniel (i132), b.1701-d.1795
Paine, Daniel (i1134), b.1743-d.1832
Paine, Daniel (i1186), b.1767-d.1811
Paine, Daniel Friend (i1353), b.1876-
Paine, Darius (i351), b.1729-
Paine, Dau (i1298)
Paine, David (i352), b.1733-
Paine, David (i1515), b.1871-d.1875
Paine, David (i1768), b.1808-
Paine, Deborah (i1411), b.1732-d.1826
Paine, Deborah (i1430), b.1775-
Paine, Deborah (i1479), b.1784-d.1832
Paine, Deborah (i1483), b.1788-
Paine, Deborah Lynn (i902), b.1952-
Paine, Demaris (i1415), b.1736-
Paine, Dolly (i341)
Paine, Dolly Elizabeth (i284), b.1856-d.1926
Paine, Donald Myers (i942)
Paine, Dorothy (i320), b.1723-
Paine, Dorothy (i358), b.1693-
Paine, Dorothy (i1156), b.1707-
Paine, Dorothy Bowen (i235), b.1900-d.1972
Paine, Ebenezer (i152), b.1711-d.1789
Paine, Ebenezer (i1182), b.1758-d.1826
Paine, Ebenezer (i1984), b.1739-
Paine, Edgar Katherman (i899)
Paine, Edward (i919), b.1709-
Paine, Edward (i1077), b.1750-d.1845
Paine, Edward (i1152), b.1690-
Paine, Edward (i1412), b.1745-d.1841
Paine, Edward (i1446), b.1776-d.1849
Paine, Edward (i1469), b.1790-d.1872
Paine, Edward (i1488), b.1806-d.1850
Paine, Edward (i1774), b.1820-
Paine, Edward Sargent (i282), b.1851-d.1891
Paine, Effie Anne (i1366), b.1870-d.1957
Paine, Eleanor (i1492), b.1809-
Paine, Eleazer (i1291), b.1795-d.1832
Paine, Eleazer (i1785), b.1764-d.1764
Paine, Eleazer A (i1273), b.1815-d.1882
Paine, Eleazer A (marriage to Charlotte Phelps) (i1273), b.1815-d.1882
Paine, Electa (i1465), b.1780-d.1806
Paine, Electa (i1999), d.1786
Paine, Eliazer (i1221), d.1804
Paine, Eliazer A (i1219), b.1850-d.1907
Paine, Elijah (i1106), b.1724-d.1814
Paine, Elijah (i1181), b.1757-d.1842
Paine, Elijah (i1440), b.1775-d.1813
Paine, Elijah (i2004), b.1760-d.1846
Paine, Elijah (i2035)
Paine, Elijah (i2036), b.1796-d.1853
Paine, Eliza (i131), b.1775-
Paine, Eliza (i1459), b.1802-d.1888
Paine, Eliza Arabella (i1506), b.1837-d.1926
Paine, Eliza H (i1334)
Paine, Eliza Maria (i1384)
Paine, Elizabeth (i119), b.1822-d.1840
Paine, Elizabeth (i189), b.1837-d.1897
Paine, Elizabeth (i707), b.1682-d.1727
Paine, Elizabeth (i931), b.1664-
Paine, Elizabeth (i937), b.1712-
Paine, Elizabeth (i1092)
Paine, Elizabeth (i1094), b.1710-
Paine, Elizabeth (i1148), b.1681-
Paine, Elizabeth (i1177), b.1735-d.1752
Paine, Elizabeth (i1275), d.1882
Paine, Elizabeth (i1418), b.1770-d.1827
Paine, Elizabeth (i1993), b.1741-
Paine, Elizabeth (i1998), b.1754-d.1786
Paine, Elizabeth (i2024), b.1769-d.1844
Paine, Elizabeth (i2033), b.1826-d.1829
Paine, Elizabeth Ellsworth (i1277), d.1903
Paine, Elizabeth Everts (i288), b.1880-
Paine, Ellen (i120), b.1824-d.1904
Paine, Ellen Agnes (i191), b.1849-
Paine, Ellsworth (i1222)
Paine, Ellsworth (i1343)
Paine, Elmer (i1223)
Paine, Emily (i1503), b.1823-d.1887
Paine, Emily E (i1313)
Paine, Emmeline (i1501), b.1818-d.1820
Paine, Esther (i139), b.1741-d.1813
Paine, Esther Humphrey (i232), b.1892-d.1953
Paine, Eunice (i1079), b.1751-
Paine, Eunice (i1439), b.1763-d.1809
Paine, Ezekial (i446), b.1715-
Paine, Ezra (i1414), b.1749-d.1803
Paine, Festus A (i1232), b.1881-
Paine, Florence (i1342)
Paine, Francis Ward (i51), b.1888-d.1940
Paine, Francis Ward (i258), b.1934-
Paine, Frank Mason (i1518), b.1877-d.1947
Paine, Franklin (i1290), b.1791-d.1883
Paine, Franklin (i1383)
Paine, Frederick C (i1471), b.1798-d.1814
Paine, Frederick C (i1517), b.1875-d.1953
Paine, Friend L (i1335), b.1868-d.1870
Paine, George (i1771), b.1814-
Paine, George (i2043), b.1807-d.1836
Paine, George A (i1226), b.1852-d.1884
Paine, George Albert (i177), b.1848-
Paine, George Augustine (i117), b.1814-d.1872
Paine, George B (i1360)
Paine, George Clinton (i1425), b.1777-d.1863
Paine, George E (i1296), b.1827-d.1894
Paine, Gerald (i1340)
Paine, Gideon (i674), b.1703-d.1756
Paine, Halbert Eleazer (i1295), b.1826-d.1905
Paine, Hamilton Child (i247), b.1902-
Paine, Hannah (i1105), b.1722-d.1771
Paine, Hannah (i1150), b.1685-
Paine, Hannah (i1176), b.1732-
Paine, Hannah (i1429), b.1770-
Paine, Hannah (i1988), b.1753-
Paine, Hannah (i2006), d.1822
Paine, Hannah (i2018), b.1759-
Paine, Hannah A (i1227)
Paine, Harriet (i1484), b.1797-d.1861
Paine, Harriet May (i175), b.1841-
Paine, Harriet Newell (i1284), b.1851-
Paine, Harriet P (i1315)
Paine, Harry W (i1355), b.1878-
Paine, Helen (i1361)
Paine, Hendrick Ellsworth (i1208), b.1866-d.1958
Paine, Hendrick Ellsworth (i1220), b.1789-d.1881
Paine, Hendrick Ellsworth (i1274), d.1889
Paine, Hendrick Ellsworth (i1281), b.1845-
Paine, Henry (i1272), b.1810-d.1868
Paine, Henry (i1286)
Paine, Henry Ford (i1777), b.1829-d.1854
Paine, Horace Whiton (i289), b.1883-
Paine, Howard Willis (i1046), b.1916-
Paine, Huldab (i1076), b.1747-
Paine, Infant (i1245), b.1876-d.1876
Paine, Infant (i1246), b.1881-d.1881
Paine, Infant (i1248), b.1891-d.1891
Paine, Ira (i1467), b.1784-d.1814
Paine, Ira Tuttle (i1282), b.1847-
Paine, Isabel (i58)
Paine, Isabelle Jackson (i249)
Paine, James (i1481), b.1784-d.1813
Paine, James (i1992), b.1739-
Paine, James Edward (i1388), b.1827-d.1827
Paine, James H (i1297)
Paine, Janet Susannah (i1013)
Paine, Jeffrey Scott (i905)
Paine, Jennifer Anne (i30)
Paine, Jennifer Marie (i1403)
Paine, Jerusha (i1629), b.1763-
Paine, Jerusha (i2008)
Paine, Jody Lou (i906)
Paine, Joel (i1447), b.1778-d.1813
Paine, Joel (i1786), b.1774-d.1774
Paine, Joel Clinton (i1494), b.1828-
Paine, John (i111), b.1776-d.1846
Paine, John (i115), b.1812-d.1889
Paine, John (i156), b.1658-d.1718
Paine, John (i260), b.1735-
Paine, John (i718), b.1682-d.1723
Paine, John (i916), b.1755-d.1784
Paine, John (i922), b.1624-d.1638
Paine, John (i1068), b.1733-
Paine, John (i1082), b.1719-d.1794
Paine, John (i1109), b.1732-d.1754
Paine, John (i1131), b.1737-
Paine, John (i1410), b.1740-d.1811
Paine, John (i2012), b.1768-d.1858
Paine, John (i2026), b.1778-d.1814
Paine, John (i2040), b.1794-
Paine, John (marriage to Caroline Paine) (i2040), b.1794-
Paine, John Brainerd (i244), b.1877-d.1877
Paine, John Colwell (i255), b.1883-
Paine, John Davies (i285)
Paine, John Edward (i1490), b.1834-d.1920
Paine, John M (i1496), b.1862-d.1907
Paine, John Merrick (i176), b.1845-
Paine, John Robert (i257), b.1913-
Paine, John Walworth (i1458), b.1799-d.1833
Paine, Jon Robert (i1049)
Paine, Jonathan (i163), b.1723-
Paine, Jonathan (i924), b.1701-
Paine, Jonathan (i1162), b.1695-
Paine, Joseph (i354), b.1737-
Paine, Joseph (i751), b.1693-d.1718
Paine, Joseph (i1107), b.1726-d.1761
Paine, Joseph (i1487), b.1804-
Paine, Joseph (i2015), b.1750-
Paine, Joshua (i1111), b.1734-d.1799
Paine, Joshua (i2020), b.1763-d.1788
Paine, Josiah (i740), b.1686-d.1763
Paine, Josiah (i1305), b.1770-d.1806
Paine, Judith (i146), b.1694-d.1778
Paine, Judith (i1112), b.1737-
Paine, Judith (i1126), b.1727-d.1803
Paine, Judith Loe (i943)
Paine, Julianna (i1486), b.1802-d.1813
Paine, Leah (i135), b.1733-d.1801
Paine, Leicester (i1985), b.1742-
Paine, Lincoln Denton (i33)
Paine, Lincoln Denton (i259)
Paine, Louis (i1071), b.1737-
Paine, Louise Tate (i291), b.1893-
Paine, Lucretia (i1504), b.1825-d.1897
Paine, Lucy (i1120), b.1739-
Paine, Lucy Anna (i190), b.1845-d.1848
Paine, Lydia (i342)
Paine, Lydia (i1304), b.1766-d.1827
Paine, Lydia (i1317)
Paine, Lydia (i1449), b.1786-d.1856
Paine, Lydia (i1995), b.1744-
Paine, Lyman (i896), b.1918-
Paine, Lyman May (i179), b.1850-d.1939
Paine, Malcolm (i310), b.1920-
Paine, Margaret (i1110), b.1733-d.1815
Paine, Margaret Rose (i293), b.1898-
Paine, Maria C (i1316)
Paine, Marion Duncan (i287), b.1878-
Paine, Martha (i1135), b.1745-
Paine, Martha Adele (i254), b.1931-
Paine, Martha Jo (i1019)
Paine, Martyn (i2030), b.1794-d.1877
Paine, Mary (i126), b.1764-d.1857
Paine, Mary (i921), b.1753-d.1765
Paine, Mary (i929), b.1660-d.1709
Paine, Mary (i1088)
Paine, Mary (i1104), b.1721-
Paine, Mary (i1123), b.1746-
Paine, Mary (i1149), b.1683-
Paine, Mary (i1178), b.1738-d.1758
Paine, Mary (i1408), b.1734-d.1806
Paine, Mary (i1982), b.1737-
Paine, Mary (i2000)
Paine, Mary (i2021), b.1765-d.1789
Paine, Mary Ann (i174), b.1839-
Paine, Mary Ann (i1775), b.1822-
Paine, Mary Direxa (i1279)
Paine, Mary Elizabeth (i204), b.1834-d.1910
Paine, Mary Elizabeth (i1209), b.1879-d.1916
Paine, Mary Emma (i1497), b.1864-d.1937
Paine, Mary Trumbell (i1293), b.1801-d.1825
Paine, Mehitabel (i1118), b.1734-
Paine, Merlin May (i185), b.1893-
Paine, Michael Jackson (i261), b.1940-
Paine, Michael Masaki (i148)
Paine, Milton H (i1470), b.1790-
Paine, Moab (i1087), b.1767-
Paine, Nancy (i1442), b.1780-d.1843
Paine, Nancy (i1448), b.1782-d.1858
Paine, Nancy (i1628), b.1780-d.1843
Paine, Nancy J (i1499), b.1867-
Paine, Nancy Smith (i118), b.1817-d.1843
Paine, Nathan (i796), b.1701-
Paine, Nathan (i1067), b.1733-
Paine, Nathan (i1086), b.1755-d.1794
Paine, Nathan (i1773), b.1818-
Paine, Nathaniel (i159), b.1667-d.1717
Paine, Nathaniel (i164), b.1631-d.1676
Paine, Nathaniel (i696), b.1728-
Paine, Nathaniel (i1006), b.1697-d.1738
Paine, Nathaniel (i1069), b.1661-d.1722
Paine, Nathaniel (i1151), b.1688-
Paine, Nels (i31)
Paine, Noah (i147), b.1696-d.1753
Paine, Noah (i350), b.1726-
Paine, Noah (i1121), b.1742-
Paine, Noah (i1127), b.1729-d.1807
Paine, Norman Carr (i184), b.1893-d.1955
Paine, Norman Carr (i941)
Paine, Olive (i183), b.1891-
Paine, Olive P (i1495), b.1861-d.1911
Paine, Orrin (i1462), b.1777-d.1804
Paine, Penelope (i1048)
Paine, Phebe (i1072), b.1737-
Paine, Phelps (i1314), b.1843-
Paine, Philander Gillett (i1776), b.1827-
Paine, Polly (i1432), b.1772-d.1857
Paine, Priscilla (i2)
Paine, Prudence Child (i248), b.1905-
Paine, Rachel (i61)
Paine, Rachel (i936), b.1705-
Paine, Ralph Carr (i181), b.1884-d.1889
Paine, Randall Ned (i898)
Paine, Rebecca (i151), b.1710-d.1784
Paine, Rebecca (i762), b.1694-d.1719
Paine, Rebecca (i923), b.1638-
Paine, Rebecca (i928), b.1656-
Paine, Rena May (i1231), b.1874-
Paine, Rhoda (i1132), b.1739-d.1825
Paine, Richard Clark (i907), b.1926-d.1991
Paine, Robert Child (i243), b.1873-d.1901
Paine, Robert Troup (i2034), b.1829-d.1851
Paine, Robin Tracy (i940)
Paine, Roswell (i1416), b.1757-d.1833
Paine, Roswell (i1478), b.1782-d.1828
Paine, Roswell (i1631)
Paine, Roxalina (i1445), b.1772-d.1837
Paine, Royal (i1175), b.1730-d.1764
Paine, Rufus (i1302), b.1757-d.1827
Paine, Ruth (i182), b.1887-
Paine, Ruth (i1089)
Paine, Ruth (i1991), b.1737-
Paine, Ruth Sargent (i228), b.1890-
Paine, Sally Maria (i1307), b.1797-d.1863
Paine, Sally Maria (marriage to Charles C Paine) (i1307), b.1797-d.1863
Paine, Salmon (i2017), b.1755-d.1778
Paine, Samuel (i140), b.1662-d.1735
Paine, Samuel (i142), b.1686-d.1732
Paine, Samuel (i353), b.1735-
Paine, Samuel (i447), b.1717-
Paine, Samuel (i1096), b.1711-
Paine, Samuel (i1122), b.1744-
Paine, Samuel (i1770), b.1812-
Paine, Samuel (i1990), b.1735-
Paine, Samuel Chandler (i113), b.1807-d.1888
Paine, Samuel Hills (i1424), b.1778-d.1813
Paine, Sarah (i124), d.1766
Paine, Sarah (i129), b.1768-d.1851
Paine, Sarah (i134), b.1731-d.1757
Paine, Sarah (i145), b.1692-
Paine, Sarah (i343)
Paine, Sarah (i934), b.1666-d.1711
Paine, Sarah (i1074), b.1740-
Paine, Sarah (i1091)
Paine, Sarah (i1097), b.1714-d.1750
Paine, Sarah (i1108), b.1728-d.1778
Paine, Sarah (i1136)
Paine, Sarah (i1154), b.1699-
Paine, Sarah (i1157), b.1707-
Paine, Sarah (i1183), b.1760-d.1832
Paine, Sarah (i1482), b.1786-
Paine, Sarah (i1778), b.1832-
Paine, Sarah (i2029), b.1792-d.1795
Paine, Sarah Sargent (i13)
Paine, Sarah Sargent (i292), b.1895-
Paine, Seelye (i1138)
Paine, Seth (i144), b.1690-d.1772
Paine, Seth (i917), b.1750-d.1820
Paine, Seth (i1103), b.1719-d.1792
Paine, Seth (i2010), b.1766-d.1815
Paine, Sherman Elmer (i1229), b.1868-
Paine, Simon (i1085)
Paine, Skye (i66)
Paine, Smith (i1996), b.1746-
Paine, Soloman (i773), b.1696-d.1752
Paine, Solomon (i1303), b.1760-d.1844
Paine, Sophia (i2041), b.1803-
Paine, Stella A (i1285), b.1853-
Paine, Stella Blanche (i1230), b.1872-
Paine, Stephen (i149), b.1699-d.1789
Paine, Stephen (i153), b.1629-
Paine, Stephen (i155), b.1654-d.1710
Paine, Stephen (i296), b.1897-d.1993
Paine, Stephen (i729), b.1686-
Paine, Stephen (i1075), b.1745-
Paine, Stephen (i1155), b.1701-d.1749
Paine, Stephen (i1174), b.1725-d.1762
Paine, Stephen (i1301), b.1755-d.1812
Paine, Stephen (i1405), b.1731-d.1806
Paine, Stephen (i1406), b.1708-d.1797
Paine, Stephen (i1987), b.1749-
Paine, Stephen Davies (i24)
Paine, Stephen Michael (i901), b.1946-
Paine, Stephen Tadashi (i227)
Paine, Stephen,Sr. (i161), b.1602-d.1679
Paine, Susan (i1427), b.1768-d.1842
Paine, Thankful (i1463), b.1778-d.1806
Paine, Thomas (i1117), b.1732-
Paine, Timothy (i1413), b.1747-d.1822
Paine, Tracy H (i1299)
Paine, Twins (i1247), b.1883-d.1883
Paine, Urania (i807), b.1706-d.1770
Paine, Violetta (i1428), b.1767-d.1844
Paine, Walter (i1466), b.1781-d.1804
Paine, Walter N (i1225), b.1844-
Paine, Ward (i1344)
Paine, Ward Jackson (i38), b.1965-
Paine, Wensley Colwell (i1050)
Paine, Whiton (i309), b.1916-
Paine, Whitten (i62)
Paine, William (i114), b.1809-d.1870
Paine, William (i442), b.1711-
Paine, William (i1130), b.1735-
Paine, William (i1468), b.1788-
Paine, William Alfred (i1)
Paine, William Alfred (i35), b.1855-d.1929
Paine, William Alfred (i263)
Paine, William Bateman (i1772), b.1816-
Paine, William Henry (i205), b.1838-d.1864
Paine, William T (i1498), b.1866-d.1947
Paine, Yvonne (i36)
Paine, Zerviah (i1119), b.1737-


Parker, Addie P (marriage to Phelps Paine) (i1318)
Parker, Addie P (marriage to Phelps Paine) (i1318)
Parker, Alice (??????) (marriage to Stephen ,Sr. Paine) (i165), d.1682
Parker, Elihu (marriage to Mollie Payne) (i394)
Parker, Loana (marriage to Arnold Payne) (i987), b.1802-d.1850


Parmelee, Persis (marriage to Calvin Payne) (i510), d.1867


Parrish, David Kenneth (i1011)
Parrish, Donald Roy (i1010)
Parrish, Joseph (marriage to Roxalina Paine) (i1452)
Parrish, Norman H. (marriage to Judith Loe Paine) (i944)
Parrish, Stephen Randall (i1012)


Partelo, Elizabeth (marriage to Benajah Malery Brown) (i1609), b.1808-d.1886


Paxton, Allison (marriage to Lincoln Denton Paine) (i57)


Payne, Abigail (i989), b.1823-
Payne, Agnes C (i984), b.1876-
Payne, Albert B (i980), b.1842-d.1918
Payne, Alma (i988), b.1822-
Payne, Amelia (i417)
Payne, Andrew (i397)
Payne, Anita Jean (i473)
Payne, Ann E (i996), b.1838-
Payne, Arnold (i986), b.1800-d.1879
Payne, Arnold Jr. (i992), b.1830-
Payne, Bertha (i527), b.1864-
Payne, Bertha A (i985), b.1878-d.1966
Payne, Bethany (i411)
Payne, Calvin (i509), b.1802-d.1859
Payne, Carol Arlene (i516)
Payne, Charles Calvin (i505), b.1837-d.1909
Payne, Charles Melvin (i493), b.1890-d.1950
Payne, Chauncey S (i382), b.1840-d.1853
Payne, Chloe (i533)
Payne, Clara Louise (i427), b.1876-
Payne, Clarence L (i503), b.1906-d.1938
Payne, Clayton J (i975)
Payne, Cynthia Orlena (i384), b.1845-
Payne, Dale Melvin (i468)
Payne, David H (i997), b.1839-
Payne, Day C (i993), b.1831-
Payne, Donald William (i513), b.1938-
Payne, Dwight Z (i994), b.1831-
Payne, Edward (i530)
Payne, Electa (i497), b.1795-d.1795
Payne, Elizabeth F (i867)
Payne, Emma (i426), b.1867-
Payne, Eva (i425), b.1865-
Payne, Floyd Calvin (i508), b.1881-
Payne, Floyd J. (i500), b.1902-d.1976
Payne, Francis L (i402)
Payne, Frank Riley (i385), b.1850-
Payne, Freelove (i879)
Payne, George (i408)
Payne, George (i538), b.1809-d.1847
Payne, Gideon (i396), d.1880
Payne, Gideon (i526), b.1765-d.1848
Payne, Gideon (i875)
Payne, Gideon Riley (i539), b.1813-d.1888
Payne, Gladys L (i494), b.1895-d.1988
Payne, Greta (i977), b.1908-
Payne, Hannah L (i400)
Payne, Harold M (i467), b.1914-d.1972
Payne, Hattie (i979), b.1908-
Payne, Hattie Iola (i506), b.1860-d.1880
Payne, Hazel V (i972)
Payne, Infant (i401)
Payne, Irving (i528), b.1866-
Payne, Iva E (i498), b.1898-d.1993
Payne, James L (i990), b.1825-
Payne, John (i574), d.1821
Payne, John (i876)
Payne, Joseph (i877)
Payne, Joseph William (i641), b.1774-d.1862
Payne, Julia (i532)
Payne, Lemuel (i416)
Payne, Lillian (i529), b.1870-
Payne, Lorenzo Thomas (i515), b.1828-d.1872
Payne, Lucinda (i586)
Payne, Lucy (i995), b.1833-
Payne, Lydia (i415)
Payne, Lydia (i619)
Payne, Lydia M (i383), b.1842-
Payne, Lyle Adelbert (i504)
Payne, Lyman H (i412)
Payne, Maria (i531)
Payne, Marilyn Jean (i469)
Payne, Martha L (i398)
Payne, Mary (i422), b.1860-
Payne, Mary (i553), b.1798-d.1880
Payne, Mary A (i999), b.1836-
Payne, Mary E (i409)
Payne, Mary Ellen (i525), b.1862-
Payne, Mercy (i878)
Payne, Merrell J (i976), b.1901-
Payne, Milton (i414)
Payne, Minerva (i496), b.1833-
Payne, Mollie (i630)
Payne, Moses (i410)
Payne, Nathan (i1002), b.1741-d.1818
Payne, Nathan (i1080), b.1755-
Payne, Nicholas B. (i982), b.1868-
Payne, Parker D (i983), b.1873-
Payne, Patty (i608)
Payne, Phebe L (i399)
Payne, Reuben (i536), b.1805-d.1854
Payne, Salinda (i540), b.1800-
Payne, Sarah (i882)
Payne, Sarah (i978), b.1908-
Payne, Scott O (i973), b.1871-d.1963
Payne, Selinda (i381)
Payne, Stephen (i1004), b.1716-d.1797
Payne, Susannah Beth (i517)
Payne, Syliva G (i502)
Payne, Thelda Jean (i866)
Payne, Thomas R (i998), b.1845-
Payne, Urania (i881)
Payne, Valerie Ann (i514)
Payne, Verna Nancy (i376), b.1892-d.1973
Payne, William (i537), b.1807-
Payne, William (i563), b.1730-
Payne, William Adelbert (i448), b.1867-d.1956
Payne, William Floyd (i836), b.1933-d.1953
Payne, William Harold (i380), b.1836-
Payne, William P (i991), b.1828-
Payne, William Richard (i471)
Payne, William Riley (i423), b.1862-
Payne, Wilma M. (i499)
Payne, Zabina (i880)
Payne, Zatto (i1000)
Payne, Zimroda (i543), b.1796-
Payne, Zimroda (i652), b.1770-d.1838


Payson, John Howe (marriage to Amaryllis Paine) (i2023), b.1760-


Peck, Anne (marriage to Samuel Paine) (i141), d.1702
Peck, Daniel (marriage to Sarah Paine) (i327)
Peck, Ichabod (marriage to Judith Paine) (i328)
Peck, Joel (i158), b.1680-
Peck, Judith (i930)
Peck, Nathaniel (marriage to Sarah Paine) (i1145)
Peck, Noah (i935), b.1678-
Peck, Peter (marriage to Ann Paine) (i1101)
Peck, Rebecca (i157), b.1681-
Peck, Rebecca (marriage to Jonathan Paine) (i685)
Peck, Samuel (marriage to Rebecca Paine) (i910), b.1656-


Pepper, Ann (i364), b.1705-
Pepper, Benjamin (i885), d.1713
Pepper, Jacob (marriage to Elizabeth Paine) (i914), b.1661-
Pepper, Mary (i884), b.1707-
Pepper, Rebecca (i363), b.1702-
Pepper, Robert (i362), b.1687-


Percy, Cecil (i1905)
Percy, Ethel (i1901)
Percy, Guy (i1904)
Percy, Lenora (i1902)
Percy, Olive Edith (i1899), b.1903-d.1993
Percy, Pansey (i1900)
Percy, Sarah (marriage to George Paine Brown) (i1592), b.1838-d.1882
Percy, Violet (i1903)
Percy, William Backhouse (marriage to Alma Brown) (i1740), b.1863-d.1928


Perrin, Moses (marriage to Mary Paine) (i1983)
Perrin, Ruth (marriage to Samuel Paine) (i324)


Peterson, Elizabeth Marie (marriage to Bruce Connor Johnson) (i1916), b.1917-


Pettijohn, Fielding (marriage to Stella Blanche Paine) (i1233)
Pettijohn, Hugh (i1337)


Phelps, Charlotte (i1287), b.1817-d.1901
Phelps, Charlotte (marriage to Eleazer A Paine) (i1287), b.1817-d.1901
Phelps, Elizabeth (i1942), b.1809-
Phelps, Harriet (marriage to Hendrick Ellsworth Paine) (i1271), b.1789-d.1867
Phelps, Henry (i1943)
Phelps, Lydia (i1946)
Phelps, Maria (i1944), b.1814-
Phelps, Mary (marriage to Edward Paine) (i1453), b.1781-d.1860
Phelps, Mary Ann (i1945), b.1815-
Phelps, Mary E (i1950)
Phelps, Samuel (i1949)
Phelps, Samuel Ward (i1947), b.1825-
Phelps, Samuel Ward (marriage to Lydia Paine) (i1404), d.1826
Phelps, Wealthy (marriage to Joel Paine) (i1952)
Phelps, William C (i1951)


Phillips, (marriage to Freelove Payne) (i419)
Phillips, (marriage to Mercy Payne) (i418)


Philman, (marriage to Violetta Karn) (i1742)


Phippen, Ann Ward (i92)
Phippen, David Osgood (i90)
Phippen, Edith Morris (i89)
Phippen, Henry Paine (i93)
Phippen, Joanne Lee (i94)
Phippen, Peter Dane (i88)
Phippen, Richard Dane (marriage to Susanne Lacroix) (i86), b.1918-
Phippen, William Lacroix (i87)


Pierce, Mary R (marriage to George E Paine) (i1363)


Pierson, Mary Jean (marriage to Francis Ward Paine) (i28)


Ploan, Mark Allen (i870)
Ploan, Michael William (i869)
Ploan, Patrick (marriage to Thelda Jean Payne) (i868)


Polly (marriage to Brinton Paine) (i1802)


Pomeroy, Martha (marriage to Elijah Paine) (i2005), b.1772-d.1842


Poole, Nita Joy (marriage to Dean Robert Thornton) (i742)


Porter, Martha Olcott (marriage to George Paine) (i2044)
Porter, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Howard Major Thomas) (i1389), b.1920-
Porter, Sarah (marriage to Elijah Paine) (i1188), d.1851


Potter, Simon (marriage to Hannah Paine) (i1180)


Powell, Anita (marriage to Thomas Edward Swanson) (i821)


Power, Abiathar (marriage to Zimroda Payne) (i386)
Power, Abiather (i449)
Power, G. W. Lafayette (i457)
Power, Julany (i454), b.1801-
Power, Louisa M (i456), b.1805-
Power, Nathan (marriage to Salinda Payne) (i389)
Power, Sophia (i455), b.1804-
Power, Thomas (i450), b.1792-
Power, Waterman (i453)
Power, William P (i451), b.1795-
Power, Zimroda (i452), b.1797-


Powers, Charlotte Elizabeth (marriage to William Alfred Paine) (i274)
Powers, Jane L (marriage to Hendrick Ellsworth Paine) (i1327)


Price, Amber Nicole (i637)
Price, Brandon Scott (i859)
Price, Scott (marriage to Cheryl Annette Wooldridge) (i636)


Priscilla, (marriage to Stephen Paine) (i1173)


Pritchard, Ruth (marriage to Willard Wentworth Brown) (i1726), b.1864-d.1940


Procter, Hannah (marriage to Barton Friend Paine) (i1218), b.1819-d.1901


Rainsford, Dorothy (marriage to Nathaniel Paine) (i1147)


Randolph, Michael Christopher (marriage to Pamela Sue Silverman) (i374)


Ranes, Bryan Scott (i769)
Ranes, Robert Harold (marriage to Judith Ann Williams) (i768)
Ranes, Robin Kay (i770)


Rauschenberg, Patsy (marriage to Norman Lee Dunbar) (i1264)


Renken, Joyce (marriage to Daryl Glen Thornton) (i727)


Reynolds, Fanelia R (marriage to John M Paine) (i1957), b.1872-d.1948


Rice, Sally (marriage to John Paine) (i2027), b.1783-


Richardson, Arthur Lorne (i1898), b.1893-
Richardson, Debra (marriage to Gerald Lynn Diehl) (i589)
Richardson, William Arthur (marriage to Agnes Brown) (i1632), b.1855-d.1895


Rickard, Abigail C. (marriage to William Paine) (i167), b.1815-d.1868


Riselay, Barbara (marriage to Henry Bowen) (i1751), b.1805-


Robb, Brian Alexander (i676), b.1968-d.1968
Robb, Darin Eugene (i672)
Robb, David Alan (i677)
Robb, Gene Allen (i666)
Robb, Karla Kay (i670)
Robb, Kory Dion (i671)
Robb, Laura (i679), b.1975-d.1975
Robb, Loy Howard (marriage to Virginia Dillin) (i665)
Robb, Michael John (i678)
Robb, Morgan Elizabeth (i681)
Robb, Richard Howard (i667), b.1944-d.1984
Robb, Richard Howard (i675)
Robb, Twila Kay (i668)


Rodgers, Aleri (i1522), b.1865-
Rodgers, Alexander (i1524), b.1870-
Rodgers, Calvin M (marriage to Eliza Arabella Paine) (i1514), b.1835-d.1906
Rodgers, Charles H (i1521), b.1863-
Rodgers, Emily I (i1525), b.1871-
Rodgers, Frederick M (i1526), b.1874-d.1874
Rodgers, Romaine M (i1520), b.1861-d.1952
Rodgers, William D (i1523), b.1867-


Romberg, John Allen (marriage to Patricia Anne Thomas) (i1352)
Romberg, Thaddaeus Tamarack (i1354)


Rose (marriage to Harold M Payne) (i472)


Rosseaux, Mary Jane (marriage to Peter Johnson Brown) (i1787)


S, Jesse (marriage to Clarissa Paine) (i1437)


Sage, (marriage to Clara Eliza Brown) (i1837)


Saltonstall, ??? (marriage to Martyn Paine) (i2031)


Sapielia, Charles Ladislaus (i317)
Sapielia, Leon Roman Charles (i316), b.1915-
Sapielia, Prince Alexis (marriage to Sarah Sargent Paine) (i315), b.1888-


Sarah A (marriage to Hendrick Ellsworth Paine) (i1311)


Sargent, Sarah (marriage to Albert Paine) (i281), b.1824-d.1901


Savage, Mabel (marriage to Henry Paine Witter) (i230), b.1884-


Schell, Brett James (i437)
Schell, Brian Henry (i439)
Schell, James Donald (marriage to Gwendolyn Ione Henry) (i435)
Schell, Meredith Kay (i436)


Schroedermeier, Carol Jean (marriage to David Allen Wehrman) (i804)


Schumacher, Morgan Rae (i369)
Schumacher, Todd Dean (marriage to Robin Kay Ranes) (i771)


Scott, Christjohn (marriage to Hannah Paine) (i1436)
Scott, Frank M (marriage to Hannah A Paine) (i1259)
Scott, Susan (i1806)


Scratton, Susan Vaughan (marriage to William Henry Darling) (i77)


Seaver, Mary (marriage to Samuel Paine) (i1093)


Serpas, Mary Ann (marriage to Harold Eugene Diehl) (i568)


Sevier, Barbara (marriage to Dee Wiswell Norton) (i1041), b.1922-


Shappe, Clarissa (i1815)
Shappe, George (i1807)
Shappe, Guy M. (i1810)
Shappe, Hannah (i1809)
Shappe, Jesse B. (i1813)
Shappe, Julianna (i1814)
Shappe, Leziah (i1811)
Shappe, Mary (i1808)
Shappe, Robert D. (i1812)


Shappee, Jessie (marriage to Clarissa Paine) (i1803)


Sharon, (marriage to Richard Clark Paine) (i1402)


Shaw, Maxine Anna (marriage to Ted Diehl) (i552)


Shepard, Harriet (marriage to Albert B Payne) (i981), b.1840-d.1923


Siegrist, Anne Marie Helen (marriage to James Justin O'Brien) (i116)


Silverman, Nancy Kay (marriage to William Richard Payne) (i367)
Silverman, Pamela Sue (i484)


Singbush, Douglas (marriage to Susan Mary Johnson) (i1627)


Skinner, Deborah (marriage to Stephen Paine) (i1407), b.1710-d.1797
Skinner, Waldo (marriage to Nancy Smith Paine) (i171), d.1900


Sloan, Robert Loren (marriage to Theresa Kay Thomas) (i1249)


Smail, James William (i1243)
Smail, Omo (marriage to Helen Major) (i1242)


Smith, Abigail (marriage to Nathaniel Paine) (i927)
Smith, Annette S (i1262)
Smith, Betsy (marriage to John Paine) (i112), b.1783-d.1826
Smith, Donald Andrew (i1023)
Smith, Douglas Stuart (i1022)
Smith, Duncan Bruce (i1021)
Smith, Elijah (marriage to Mollie Payne) (i393)
Smith, Jacob (marriage to Lucinda Payne) (i395)
Smith, Janam (marriage to Elizabeth Paine) (i1288), d.1861
Smith, Kenneth Mclane (marriage to Dorothy Howard Norton) (i1020), b.1912-
Smith, Leah (marriage to Daniel Paine) (i133), b.1710-d.1790
Smith, Lucy (marriage to John Paine) (i121), b.1790-d.1872
Smith, Lydia (marriage to Samuel Paine) (i1989)
Smith, Mary Brown (marriage to Gideon Riley Payne) (i379), b.1815-
Smith, Milton J (i1261)
Smith, Nancy (marriage to Brinton Paine Brown) (i1743), d.1844
Smith, Samuel R (i1260)
Smith, Susan Kay (marriage to David Porter Thomas) (i1341)


Snyder, Pamela Sue (marriage to Joseph Douglas Wehrman) (i806)
Snyder, Roy (marriage to Elizabeth F Payne) (i871)


Somerhalder, Emdem (marriage to Marjeann Thornton) (i711), b.1915-d.1968
Somerhalder, Mechelle (i715)
Somerhalder, Samuel (i712)
Somerhalder, Samuel (i716)
Somerhalder, Sandra Jean (i713)
Somerhalder, Scott (i717)


Spaulding, Simeon (marriage to Hannah Paine) (i1114), d.1801


Spauling, (marriage to Edward Paine) (i1066)


Spencer, Roswell (marriage to Electa Brown) (i1604)


Spera, Sam (marriage to Michelle Kay Diehl) (i567)
Spera, Sara (i847)


Stafford, Lydia Mahala (marriage to Charles Calvin Payne) (i507), b.1839-d.1898


Starry, Beverly (marriage to Stephen Paine Johnson) (i1559)


Steigerwald, Diane Edna (marriage to David Porter Thomas) (i1349)


Stephens, Gregory Wayne (marriage to Kathleen Sue Dillin) (i699)
Stephens, Mathew Austin (i700)


Stevens, Charles (marriage to Marion Duncan Paine) (i303)


Stevenson, Alta (i1724)
Stevenson, David W. (marriage to Amelia M. Brown) (i1650)
Stevenson, Elizabeth (i1725)
Stevenson, Hazel (i1723)
Stevenson, Jenny (i1720)
Stevenson, Lila (i1721)
Stevenson, Marion (i1722)


Stockwell, Elizabeth (marriage to William Paine Everts) (i6), b.1893-


Stoddard, Nathan (marriage to Zimroda Payne) (i387)


Stong, Phillip (marriage to Rhoda Paine) (i1142)


Storrs, Mehtiable (marriage to Noah Paine) (i329)


Stratton, Shelly Kay (marriage to Kyle Michael Dillin) (i820)


Sumpter, Nancy (marriage to Bradley Thornton) (i747)


Sutton, Rory James (marriage to Donna Ellen Thomas) (i1319)


Swanson, Richard (marriage to Margaret Ann Dillin) (i701)
Swanson, Thomas Edward (i703)
Swanson, Valeria (i702)


Swift, Joanna (marriage to Daniel Paine) (i1143)


Switzer, Loretta Sue (marriage to Robert Eugene Lindsey) (i967)


Tate, Lucy Grundy (marriage to Charles Hamilton Paine) (i290), b.1892-


Teall, Augustus Tremaine (i1766), b.1805-d.1884
Teall, Brinton (i1753), b.1786-d.1793
Teall, Edward Mckinstry (i1767), b.1808-d.1840
Teall, Elmira (i1756), b.1792-
Teall, George Clinton Paine (i1732), b.1802-d.1874
Teall, Harriet (i1757), b.1793-
Teall, Harry (i1754), b.1788-d.1870
Teall, Henry (i1761), b.1794-d.1795
Teall, Horace N. (i1760), b.Aug-
Teall, Horace Valentine (i1731), b.1793-d.1883
Teall, Mary (i1755), b.1790-d.1865
Teall, Nancy (i1763), b.1799-
Teall, Nathan (marriage to Polly Paine) (i1435), b.1765-d.1840
Teall, Nathaniel (i1816), b.1790-
Teall, Oliver (i1762), b.1797-
Teall, Oliver (marriage to Susan Paine) (i1433), b.1759-d.1842
Teall, Phoebe (i1758), b.1794-
Teall, Sally (i1752), b.1784-d.1795
Teall, Sally (i1759)
Teall, Samuel Thain (i1764), b.1801-
Teall, Susan Eliza (i1765), b.1803-d.1884


Teeter, Elizabeth (marriage to Hiram Partelo Brown) (i1779), b.1841-d.1927


Teller, George A. (i1565), b.1874-
Teller, John (i1563), b.1865-
Teller, John (marriage to Sarah Jane Brown) (i1546), b.1823-d.1906
Teller, Violetta Maurilla (i1564), b.1869-d.1911
Teller, Walter (i1562), b.1863-d.1931


Templeton, David Calvin (marriage to Harriet P Paine) (i1255), b.1845-d.1898
Templeton, John E (i1256)
Templeton, Maria P (i1258)
Templeton, S Phelps (i1257)


Theresa (marriage to Ralph Major) (i1376)


Thomas, Annette (i736)
Thomas, Barbara Louise (i1190)
Thomas, Claire Elise (i1350)
Thomas, David Porter (i1199)
Thomas, Donna Ellen (i1392)
Thomas, Eli Timothy (i1348)
Thomas, Elizabeth Grace (i1198)
Thomas, Eric Tyler (i1346)
Thomas, Grace Ethel (i1306), b.1920-d.1960
Thomas, Howard Major (i1358)
Thomas, James Merle (i1197)
Thomas, Keith (marriage to Janice Thornton) (i735)
Thomas, Leland Earl (i1270), b.1922-d.1944
Thomas, Linda Margaret (i1394)
Thomas, Margaret Emily (i1263)
Thomas, Margaret Grace (i1244)
Thomas, Mark (i737)
Thomas, Merle James (i1310), b.1930-d.1996
Thomas, Patricia Anne (i1347)
Thomas, Percy Erastus (marriage to Ethel May Major) (i1391), b.1892-d.1986
Thomas, Theresa Kay (i1228)
Thomas, Walter Ivan (i1269), b.1919-d.1984


Thompson, Isaac (marriage to Barbara Bowen) (i1891)
Thompson, Kelsey (i318)
Thompson, Margaret Linda (marriage to Walter Ivan Thomas) (i1393), b.1919-


Thoms, William C (marriage to Marilyn Jean Payne) (i479)


Thornton, Arvine Allen (marriage to Wilma M. Payne) (i704), b.1898-d.1964
Thornton, Bradley (i743)
Thornton, Brian (i741)
Thornton, Cyrus (i748)
Thornton, Daryl Glen (i708)
Thornton, Dean Robert (i709)
Thornton, Deann (i744)
Thornton, Janice (i730)
Thornton, Jennifer (i739)
Thornton, Julie (i746)
Thornton, Linda (i728)
Thornton, Louise Mardelle (i706)
Thornton, Marjeann (i705)
Thornton, Nathan A (i824)
Thornton, Paul (i731)
Thornton, Phillip (i745)
Thornton, Phyliss (i710)
Thornton, Sarah (marriage to Stephen Payne) (i1005)
Thornton, Stuart M (i823)


Thurston, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Paine) (i1444)


Tileston, Frances Louisa (marriage to Elijah Paine) (i2037), b.1816-d.1845


Tourquist, Charles H (marriage to Emily Clare Hutchison) (i1968)


Tower, Fanny F. (marriage to Albert Paine Everts) (i15)


Townsend, Henry (marriage to Violetta Brown) (i1575), d.1877
Townsend, James (marriage to Hannah Bowen) (i1892)
Townsend, John (i1727), b.1850-


Tracy, Antoinette (marriage to George E Paine) (i1359), d.1867


Troncoso, Yolandah (marriage to Stephen Erving Diehl) (i581)


Trunnell, Carl Wallace (i1214), b.1910-d.1978
Trunnell, Charles Aurther (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Paine) (i1210), b.1880-d.1960
Trunnell, Esther Lea (i1213), b.1908-
Trunnell, George Lester (i1212), b.1903-d.1984
Trunnell, Jessie Evelyn (i1216), b.1914-
Trunnell, Laura May (i1215), b.1912-
Trunnell, Willis Armond (i1211), b.1906-d.1986


Turadek, Mary Ann (marriage to Lyman Paine) (i897)


Turnbull, Ann Elizabeth (marriage to John Edward Paine) (i1491), b.1835-d.1896
Turnbull, Robert C (marriage to Anna Belle Paine) (i1959)


Tuttle, Harriet Newell (marriage to Henry Paine) (i1276), b.1814-d.1880


Tyler, Mabel (marriage to Seth Paine) (i911), b.1724-d.1792


Umbright, Jackolyn (marriage to Richard Clark Paine) (i938), b.1927-d.1987


Vail, Estella Francis (marriage to William Riley Payne) (i428)
Vail, Eva Jane (marriage to Oscar Herbert Brown) (i1746)


Vallet, Sarah (marriage to Stephen Paine) (i1007)


Varnam, Samuel (marriage to Elizabeth Paine) (i1158)


Violet, Carla Marie (i1401)
Violet, Mark Howard (marriage to Robin Tracy Paine) (i1400)
Violet, Matthew Richard (i2028)


Volnek, Shirley (marriage to Bradley Thornton) (i822)


Walls, Mary Jane (marriage to George Brown) (i1897), d.1924


Ward, Debra K (marriage to Darwin Dennis Lindsey) (i952)
Ward, Ruth Felton (marriage to William Alfred Paine) (i46), b.1866-d.1940


Warren, Azuba (marriage to Timothy Paine) (i1464)


Waseen, Arianne Thomas (i1189)
Waseen, Daniel Edward (marriage to Patricia Anne Thomas) (i1268)


Washborn, Kim (marriage to Stephen Paine Johnson) (i1558)


Weatherly, Frank (marriage to Lury Ann Lane) (i1857)


Weeks, Mary Ann (marriage to Martyn Paine) (i2032), b.1798-d.1852

Wehrman Jr.

Wehrman Jr., H B (marriage to Betty Lou Williams) (i800)


Wehrman, Bradley (i811)
Wehrman, David Allen (i801)
Wehrman, Douglas (i815)
Wehrman, Jeffery (i810)
Wehrman, Joseph Douglas (i803)
Wehrman, Julieann (i816)
Wehrman, Margaret Louise (i802)
Wehrman, Michael (i814)


Wells, Elisha (marriage to Jerusha Paine) (i2009)


Weymann, Carl Steven (i1015)
Weymann, Charles F. (marriage to Janet Susannah Paine) (i1014)
Weymann, David Frederick (i1016)


White, Carl (marriage to Gladys Ione Henry) (i485)
White, Clarissa (i1697), b.1804-d.1898
White, Donald (i486), d.1939
White, Karen Glyn (i488)
White, Kathleen Anne (i487)
White, Marvel (i1696), b.1802-d.1885
White, Marvel (marriage to Clarissa Brown) (i1602), d.1862
White, Mary (marriage to Elijah Paine) (i1997), b.1729-d.1804
White, Michael David (marriage to Theresa Kay Thomas) (i1357)
White, Moses (marriage to Harriet Dowling) (i1909)
White, Rebecca (marriage to Edward Paine) (i1457), b.1759-d.1815


Whitesell, Andrew (marriage to Sarah Jane Brown) (i1544), b.1828-d.1858
Whitesell, Mina Mahala (i1541), b.1858-d.1917


Whitney, Josiah, Rev (marriage to Anna Paine) (i335)


Williams, Adam Raymond (i785), b.1979-d.1979
Williams, Ashley Elaine (i787)
Williams, Betty Lou (i759)
Williams, Christine Elaine (i766)
Williams, Clinton Lyle (i786)
Williams, Elenor Margaret (i758), b.1925-d.1968
Williams, Elizabeth (marriage to Daniel Paine) (i123), b.1733-d.1790
Williams, Elizabeth (marriage to Stephen Paine) (i918)
Williams, Jack Lee (i760), b.1937-d.1948
Williams, John Mark (i767)
Williams, Judith Ann (i763)
Williams, Kathryn Kay (i764), b.1944-d.1945
Williams, Lyle Raymond (i757)
Williams, Margaret (marriage to Nicholas Carter Brown) (i1637), b.1842-d.1877
Williams, Maria (marriage to Enoch Burdick Brown) (i1858), b.1833-d.1899
Williams, Paula Jean (i765)
Williams, Ray Clinton (marriage to Syliva G Payne) (i756), b.1898-d.1964
Williams, Samuel (marriage to Sarah Paine) (i1098)
Williams, Stephen (marriage to Judith Paine) (i1116)
Williams, Stephen (marriage to Mary Paine) (i336)
Williams, Tara Emily (i783)


Wilton, Jane (marriage to Isaac Wesley Brown) (i1872)


Winsor, Lillis (marriage to Nathan Payne) (i1003), b.1744-d.1816


Withheld, (marriage to Rebecca Anne Nimmo) (i838)


Witter, Abby Paine (i210), b.1865-d.1867
Witter, Eliza Lyon (i211), b.1865-
Witter, Frank Paine (i208), b.1861-
Witter, Frank Savage (i231), b.1912-d.1913
Witter, Henry Paine (i212), b.1867-
Witter, John (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Paine) (i206), b.1830-d.1891
Witter, John Eastman (i214), b.1912-
Witter, Mary Agnes (i209), b.1863-
Witter, William (i207), b.1859-d.1883


Wogan, Caroline (marriage to Lincoln Denton Paine) (i34)


Woods, Susan Gittings (marriage to Stephen Davies Paine) (i54)


Wooldridge, Chad (i635), b.1988-
Wooldridge, Cheryl Annette (i628)
Wooldridge, Heather (i631)
Wooldridge, Jerry (i626)
Wooldridge, Kenneth Ray (i627)
Wooldridge, Kenneth Ray (i634)
Wooldridge, Nichole Breann (i632)
Wooldridge, Roy (marriage to Sharon Diehl) (i625)


Wright, Alice Manning (i229), b.1904-
Wright, Ardelle Frances (i219), b.1888-
Wright, Dorothy Paine (i224), b.1900-
Wright, Edward Gilmore (marriage to Eliza Lyon Witter) (i217), b.1858-
Wright, Edward Goodhue (i222), b.1895-d.1895
Wright, Elizabeth Agnes (i218), b.1887-
Wright, Harriet (i226), b.1903-
Wright, John Lyndsey (i221), b.1894-
Wright, John W. (marriage to Nellie M. Brown) (i1836), b.1863-
Wright, Margaret Bowen (i225), b.1090-
Wright, Mary Ellen (i223), b.1896-
Wright, William Witter (i220), b.1890-


Yeager, Daryl (marriage to Gwendolyn Beth Craig) (i794)
Yeager, Kenneth (i809)
Yeager, Kimberly (i808)
Yeager, Krystal (i798)


Yost, Allison Anne (marriage to Neil Allyn Henry) (i438)


Young, Bruce Alfred (i1542), b.1890-d.1906
Young, Edna Pearl (i1537), b.1886-d.1965
Young, Levi (marriage to Mina Mahala Whitesell) (i1540), b.1855-d.1936
Young, Marjorie Helen (i1543), b.1899-d.1918


Zhang, Sho Hui (marriage to John Davies Paine) (i345)


Ziegler, Gordon (i723)
Ziegler, Gordon (marriage to Carolyn Jean Copeland) (i722)
Ziegler, Mark (i724)


Zink, Kirstin (i733)
Zink, Larry (marriage to Linda Thornton) (i732)
Zink, Stephanie (i734)


Zytkowski, Martin (marriage to Anita Jean Payne) (i377)

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