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EA        Effective Address + Extended Attribute [OS/2]

EAR       External Access Register

EARN      European Academic Research Network

EAROM     Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory

EARS      Electronic Access to Reference Services +

          Electronic Authoring and Routing System [DEC] +

          Explicit Archive and Retrieval System [Langley Research]

EATA      Enhanced AT Bus Attachment

EAX       Environmental Audio Extensions [Creative]

EB        Exabyte (1,024 petabytes)

          (One Billion Billion characters of information)

EBC       EISA Bus Controller

EBCT      Electron Beam Computed Tomography

EBCDIC    Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code [IBM]

EBI       Equivalent Background Input +

          Extended Background Investigation

EBNF      Extended Backus-Naur Form

EBT       Electronic Benefits Transfer

EC        Electronic Commerce + Error Control

ECAL      Enjoy Computing And Learn

ECAT      Electronic Card Assembly and Test [IBM]

ECB       Electronic Codebook + Event Control Block

ECC       Elliptic Curve Crypto + Error Check Code +

          Error Checking and Correction + Error Correction Code

ECD       Enhanced Color Display + Enhanced Compact Disk

ECHO      European Commission Host Organization [Internet]

ECI       External Call Interface

ECL       Emitter Coupled Logic

ECM       Electronic Control Module

ECMA      European Computer Manufacturers Association

ECNE      Enterprise Certified NetWare Engineer [Novell]

ECP       Enhanced/Extended Capabilities Port [Microsoft]

ECS       Enhanced Chip Set

ECTL      Electronic Communal Temporal Lobe

ECU       EISA Configuration Utility

ED        Erase Display

EDA       Electronic Design Automation +

          Embedded Document Architecture [Go Corporation]

EDB       Embedded Database

EDC       Electronic Digital Computer +

          Enhanced Data Correction +

          Error Detection and Correction

EDDC      Extended Distance Data Cable

EDGAR     Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval

EDI       Electronic Data Interchange +

          Electronic Document Interchange [DEC]

EDIF      Electronic Design Interchange Format

EDIFACT   EDI for Administration Commerce and Transport

EDL       Edit Decision List

EDLC      Ethernet Data Link Control

EDLIN     Editor (Line Text)

EDMS      Electronic Document Management System

EDO       Extended Data Out

EDOS      Enhanced DOS for Windows

EDP       Electronic Data Processing

EDPM      Electronic Data Processing Machine

EDRAM     Extended Dynamic Random Access Memory

EDS       Electronic Data Systems (corporation)

EDSAC   * Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer

.EDU      Educational Institutions (Domain Name) [Internet]

EDVAC   * Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer

          (First stored-program digital computer)

EE        Extended Edition [IBM]

EEC       Extended Error Correction

EEG       Electroencephalogram

EEL       Epsilon Extension Language

EEM       Extended Memory Management

EEMAC     Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers of Canada

EEMS      Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification

EEPROM    Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

EES       Escrow Encryption Standard

EFA       Extended File Attribute

EFF       Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFI       Electromechanical Frequency Interference +

          Electronics For Imaging

EFIGS     English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

EFL       Emitter Follower Logic

E-FORM    Electronic Form

EFTS      Electronic Funds Transfer System

EGA       Enhanced Graphics Adapter

EGP       Exterior Gateway Protocol

EGREP     Extended Global Regular Expression Print [Unix]

EHLLAPI   Emulator High Level Language Application

          Programming Interface [IBM]

EIA       Electronic Industries Association

EIDE      Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics

EIS       Executive Information System

EISA      Extended Industry Standard Architecture

EJB       Enterprise JavaBeans

EL        Electroluminescent (display) + Erase Line

ELAN      Emulated Local Area Network

ELC       Embedded Linking and Control

ELF       Executable and Linking Format +

          Extremely Low Frequency

ELS       Entry Level System

EM        Electronic Mail + Emphasized + End of Medium +

          Expanded Memory

EMA       Electronic Mail Association +

          Enterprise Management Architecture

EMACS     Editing Macros [Unix]

E-MAIL    Electronic Mail

EMB       Extended Memory Block [LIM/AST]

EMBARC    Electronic Mail Broadcast to a Roaming Computer


EMC       Electromagnetic Compatibility + Enhanced Memory Chip +

          E-Mail Connection + Extended Math Coprocessor

EMI       Electromagnetic Interference

.EML      Electronic Mail (file name extension)

EMM       Expanded Memory Manager

EMR       Electro-Magnetic Radiation +

          Enhanced Metafile Record

EMS       Electronic Mail System + Electronic Message Service +

          Expanded Memory Specification [LIM]

EMSAPI    Extended Messaging Services Application

          Programming Interface

EMWAC     European Microsoft Windows NT Academic Centre

.ENC      Encoded (file name extension)

ENDEC     Encoder/Decoder

ENDS      Ends Segment

ENIAC   * Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and

          Computer (First fully electronic digital computer)

ENQ       Enquiry

ENSS      Exterior Nodal Switching Subsystem [Internet]

EOA       End Of Address

EOB       End Of Block

EOC       End Of Conversion

EOF       End Of File + Enterprise Objects Framework

          [Next Computer]

EOI       End Of Interrupt + End Or Identify

EOJ       End Of Job

EOL       End Of Line + End Of List

EOM       End Of Message

EOR       Exclusive OR (Also XOR)

EOS       Earth Observing System [NASA] + End Of String

EOSDIS    Earth Observing System Data and Information System [NASA]

EOT       End Of Table + End Of Tape (marker) + End Of Text +

          End Of Transmission

EP        Electrophotographic Engine

EPIC      Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing

EPL       Effective Privilege Level

EPLD      Electrically Programmable Logic Device

EPM       Enhanced Editor for Presentation Manager [IBM] +

          Enterprise Process Management [IBM]

EPP       Enhanced Parallel Port

EPROM     Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory +

          Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

.EPS      Encapsulated PostScript (file name extension)

EPSF      Encapsulated PostScript Files

ERA       Extended Registry Attributes

ERAS      Electronic Routing and Approval System [Hughes Aircraft]

ERD       Emergency Repair Disk

ERIC      Educational Resources Information Center [Internet]

ERLL      Enhanced Run Length Limited

ERMA    * Electronic Recording Method, Accounting

          [General Electric]

EROM      Erasable Read Only Memory

EROS      Earth Resources Observation System

          [U.S. Geological Survey]

ERP       Enterprise Resource Planning

ERR       Error

ER/RC     Extended Result/Response Code

ERU       Emergency Recovery Utility [Microsoft]

ES        Extra Segment

ESA       Enterprise Systems Architecture [IBM] +

          European Space Agency

ESC       EISA System Component + Escape

ESCD      Extended System Configuration Data

ESCM      Extended Services Communications Manager [IBM]

ESCON     Enterprise System Connection (Architecture) [IBM]

ESC/P     Epson Standard Code for Printers

ESD       Electronic Software Distribution +

          Electrostatic Discharge

ESDI      Enhanced Small/System Device Interface

ESDRAM    Enhanced SDRAM

ESF       Extended Superframe

ESI       End System Identifier +

          Enhanced Serial Interface (specification) [Hayes]

ESMR      Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio

ESN       Electronic Security Number

ESP       Emulation Sensing Processor +

          Encapsulating Security Payload (header) +

          Enhanced Serial Port [Hayes] + Enhanced Service Provider +

          Estimated Selling Price

ESR       Event Service Routine

ESS       Electronic Switching System

ESU       Electro-Static Unit

ET        Enhancement Technology

ETACS     Extended Total Access Communication System [IBM]

ETANN     Electrically Trainable Analog Neural

          Network (chip) [Intel]

ETB       End of Transmission Block

ETC       Electronic Toll Collection +

          Enhanced Throughput Cellular (modem protocol) [AT&T]

ETF       Enriched Text Format

ETOM      Electron-Trapping Optical Memory

ETPL      Endorsed Tempest Products List

ETS       Econometric Time Series

ETX       End Of Text

EU        Execution Unit

EUC       End User Computing + Extended Unix Code [IBM]

EUI       End-User Interface

EVE       Extensible VAX Editor

EVGA      Extended Video Graphics Array +

          Extended Video Graphics Adapter

EWAN      Emulator Without A Good Name [Internet]

EWS       Employee Written Software [IBM]

ExCA      Exchangeable Card Architecture [Intel]

.EXE      Executable (file name extension)

EXE2BIN   Program used to convert an (.EXE) file to binary

          format (.COM) file

EXM       Enterprise Messaging Exchange [Lotus]

EXP       Exponent

EXT       External

EXTRN     External Reference

E-ZINE    Electronic Magazine


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FAB       Computer-Chip Fabrication Plant

FAC       File Access Code

FAMOS     Floating Gate Avalanche MOS

FANS      Future Air Navigation System

FAP       File Access Protocol

FAPI      Family Application Program Interface

FAQ       Frequently Asked Question

FARNET    Federation of American Research Networks [Internet]

FASIC     Function and Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit

FAT       File Allocation Table

FAX       Facsimile

.FAX      Fax (file name extension)

FC/AL     Fiber Channel/Arbitrated Loop

FCB       File Control Block

FCC       Federal Communications Commission

FCC:      File Carbon Copy

FCCSET    Federal Coordinating Council for

          Science, Engineering and Technology

FC/EL     Fiber Channel/Enhanced Loop

FCI       Flux Changes per Inch

FCL       Fibre Channel Loop

FCR       FIFO Control Register

FCS       Fiber Channel Standard + Frame Check Sequence

FD        Floppy Disk + Floppy Drive + Full Duplex

FDC       Floppy Disk Controller

FDDI      Fiber Digital Device Interface +

          Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDISK     Fixed Disk

FDM       Frequency Division Multiplexing

FDMA      Frequency Division Multiple Access

FDX       Full Duplex

FEC       Forward Error Correction

FECN      Forward Explicit Congestion Notification

FED       Field Emission/Emitter Display

FEFO      First-Ended, First-Out

FEP       Front End Processor

FEPI      Front End Programming Interface


FeRAM     Ferroelectric RAM

FESDK     Far East Software Development Kit [Microsoft]

FET       Field Effect Transistor

FF        Flip-Flop + Form Feed

FFDC      First Failure Data Capture [IBM]

FFS       Fast File System

FFST      First Failure Support Technology [IBM]

FFT       Fast Fourier Transform + Final Form Text [IBM]

FG        Floating Gate

FGREP     Fixed Global Regular Expression Print [Unix]

FHS       Fan Heat-Sink

FHSS      Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum

FIF       Fractal Image Format

FIFO      First-In, First-Out

FILO      First-In, Last-Out

FIP       File Processor Buffering

FIPS      Federal Information Processing Standard

FIR       Fast Infrared + Finite Impulse Response

.FIRM     Business or Firm (Domain Name) [Internet]

FIRST     Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

FIU       Fingerprint Identification Unit [Sony]

FIX       Federal Internet Exchange

FLA       Four Letter Acronym

FLC       Ferro-electric Liquid Crystal

FLD       Field

FLL       FoxPro Link Library [Microsoft Fox Pro]

FLOPS     Floating Point Operations Per Second

.FLR      Folder (file name extension)

FMS       Forms Management System

FMT       Format

FMV       Full Motion Video

FNT       Font

FOCUS     Forum of Control Data Users

FOD       Fax On Demand

FOG       First Osborne Group

FOIRL     Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link [IEEE]

FOLDOC    Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing

.FON      Font + Phone + Phone Directory (all file name


.FOR      Fortran source code (file name extension)

FORTH     (Programming Language)(See HLL)

FORTRAN   Formula Translator (Programming Language)(See HLL)

FOSE      Federal Office Systems Exposition

FOSI      Format Option Specification Instance

FOSSIL    Fido/Opus/Seadog Standard Interface Layer

FPC       Floating Point Calculation

FPCE      Floating-Point C Extension (specification)

FPGA      Field Programmable Gate-Array

FPLA      Field Programmable Logic-Array

FPM       Fast Page Mode

FPP       Fixed Path Protocol + Floating Point Processor

FPR       Floating-Point Register

FPS       Favorite Picture Selection + Frames Per Second

FPT       Forced Perfect Termination

FPU       Floating Point Unit

FQDN      Fully Qualified Domain Name [Internet]

FRAD      Frame Relay Access Device +

          Frame Relay Assembler/Disassembler

FRAG      Fragment + Fragmentation

FRAM      Ferroelectric Random-Access Memory

FRC       Funtional Redundancy Checking

FRED      Frame Editor + Front-End to Dish

FRPI      Flux Reversals Per Inch

.FRS      WordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)

FS        File Separator

FSD       File System Driver [OS/2]

FSE       Full Screen Editor

FSF       Free Software Foundation [Internet]

FSK       Frequency Shift Keying

FSN       Full Service Network

FSP       File Service Protocol

FSR       Free System Resources

FST       Flat Square Tube (monitor)

F/T       Full Time

FTAM      File Transfer, Access and Management +

          File Transfer and Access Method

FTL       Flash Transition Layer [Intel]

FTM       Flat Tension Mask [Zenith]

FTP       File Transfer Protocol [Internet]

FTPD      File Transfer Protocol Daemon

FTTC      Fiber To The Curb

FTS       Federal Telecommunication System

FTX       Fault Tolerant Unix

FUI       File Update Information

FUNC      Function

FVT       Full Video Translation

FYI       For Your Information


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GA        General Availability

GAAP      Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GAL       Generic Array Logic

GAPI      Gateway Application Programming Interface

GART      Graphics Address Relocation Table

GATT      Graphics Address Translation Table

Gb        Gigabit (1,024 megabits) +

          (One Billion Bits of Information)

GB        Gigabyte (1,024 megabytes) +

          (One Billion Characters of Information)

GCC       GNU C-Compiler [Unix]

GCCD      Glass-Passivated Ceramic Chip Diode

GCR       Group Code Recording

GDA       Global Data Area

GDDM      Graphics Data Display Manager

GDG       Generation Data Group [IBM]

GDI       Graphical Device Interface

GDLC      Generic Data Link Control [IBM]

GDP       Graphic Draw Primitive

GDT       Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing +

          Global Descriptor Table +

          Graphics Development Toolkit

GECOS     General Electric Comprehensive Operating System

GEIS      General Electric Information Service (company)

GEM       Graphics Environment Manager (DRI Program)

GENIE     General Electric Network for

          Information Exchange

GEO       Geostationary Earth Orbit

GEOS      Graphic Environment Operating System [Geoworks]

GET       Get Execute Trigger

GFI       Ground-Fault Interceptor

GGP       Gateway-Gateway Protocol [Internet]

GHZ       Gigahertz

.GID      Topics (file name extension) [Microsoft]

.GIF      Graphics Interchange Format (file name extension)

GIGO      Garbage In, Garbage Out

GII       Global Information Infrastructure

GILS      Government Information Locator Service

GIMPS     Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search

GIS       Geographic Information System +

          Global Information Solutions [AT&T]

GIX       Global Internet Exchange [Internet]

GKS       Graphical Kernel System

GL        Graphics Language

G/L       General Ledger

GLIS      Global Land Information System [US Geological Survey]

GLM       General Linear Models

GLOBE     Global Learning by Observations to Benefit

          the Environment [Internet]

.GLY      Glossary (file name extension) [Microsoft Word]

GML       Generalized Markup Language

GMP       Global Mobile Professional

GMR       Giant Magneto-Resistive

GMS       Global Management System +

          Global Messaging Service [Novell]

GMT       Greenwich Mean Time

GND       Ground (signal/system)

GNN       Global Network Navigator

GNU       Gnu's Not Unix (operating system)

GNOME     GNU Network Object Model Environment

GOSIP     Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile

.GOV      Governmental (Domain Name) [Internet]

GP        Gas Plasma + General Purpose

GPF       General Protection Fault

GPI       Graphics Programming Interface

GPIB      General Purpose Information/Interface Bus

GPR       General Purpose Register [IBM]

GPRC      Glass Passivated Rectifier Chip

GPS       Global Positioning Satellite/System

GPSS    * General Purpose Systems Simulator (language)

GRADD     Graphics Adapter Device Driver [IBM]

GRE       Graphics Engine

GREP      Global Regular Expression Print

.GRF      Graph (file name extension)

.GRP      Group (file name extension)

GS        Group Separator

GSI       General Server Interface

GSM       Global Shared Memory +

          Global System for Mobile-Communications (network)

GSNW      Gateway Service for NetWare [Microsoft]

GSP       Generic Server Passer + Global Service Provider

GSTN      General Switched Telephone Network

GTE       General Telephone Electronics (corporation)

GTL       Gunning Transceiver Logic

GTO       Guide To Operations [IBM]

GTP     * Geometry Theorem Prover

GUI       Graphical User Interface

GUID      Globally Unique Identifier +

          Global Universal Identifier

GVT       Global Virtual Time


.gz       Compressed file (compressed filename extension -

          using GNU gzip compression/decompression program) [Unix]

GZIP      GNU Zip


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.H        Header (file name extension) [C]

HACMP     High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing [IBM]

HAL       Hard Array Logic + Hardware Abstraction Layer +

          House-Programmed Array Logic

HAL     * Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic (computer)

          [from 1968 movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"]

HAP       Host Access Protocol

HASP      Houston Automatic Spooling Priority (System)

HBA       Host Bus Adapter

HCL       Hardware Compatibility List

HCSS      High Capacity Storage System

HCU       Home Computer User

HD        Hard Disk + High Density

HDA       Head Disk Assembly

HDCD      High Definition Compatible Digital

HDF       Hierarchical Data Format [NCSA]

HDI       Head to Disk Interference

HDLC      High-Level Data Link Control

HDM       Hardware Device Module

HDML      Handheld Device Markup Language

HDR       Header

HDSC      High Density Signal Carrier [DEC]

HDSL      High-Data-Rate Digital Subscriber Line

HDSS      Holographic Data Storage System

HDT       Host Digital Terminal

HDTV      High Definition Television

HDVD      High Definition Volumetric Display

HDW       Hardware

HDX       Half Duplex

HERC      Hercules

HEX       Hexadecimal

HFC       Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial

HFS       Hierarchical File System [Macintosh]

HFT       High Function Terminal [IBM]

HGA       Hercules Graphics Adapter

HGCP      Hercules Graphics Card Plus

HH        Hour

HIF       Hyper-G Interchange Format

HIFD      High-Density Floppy Disk

HIL       Human Interface Link [HP]

HIMEM     High Memory

HIPPI     High Performance Parallel Interface

HLCO      High Low Close Open

HLL       High Level Language

HLLAPI    High Level Language Application Programming Interface

.HLP      Help (file name extension)

HLQ       High Level Qualifier

HLS       Hue, Luminance, Saturation (color model)

HLT       Halt

HMA       High Memory Area [Microsoft] +

          Hub Management Architecture

HMD       Head Mounted Display

HMM       Hidden Markov Model

HMMP      Hyper-Media Management Protocol

HMOS      High Density Metal Oxide Semiconductor +

          High Speed Metal Oxide Semiconductor

HMP       Host Monitoring Protocol

HOTT      Hot Off The Tree (electronic newsletter)

HOV       High Occupancy Vehicle

HP        Hewlett-Packard (Company)

HPC       Handheld Personal Computer

HPCC      High Performance Computing and Communications

HPDJ      Hewlett-Packard Desk Jet

HPFS      High-Performance File System

HPG       Hewlett-Packard Graphics

HPGL      Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language

HPIB      Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus

HPLJ      Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet

HPPA      Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture

HPPI      High Performance Parallel Interface

HPR       High Performance Routing [IBM]

HPUX      Hewlett-Packard Unix

HPW       High Performance Workstation [Sun]

.HQX      BinHex (file name extension) [Macintosh]

HRIS      Human Resource Information System

HRG       High Resolution Graphics

HRMS      Human Resource Management System

HRTF      Head Related Transfer Function

HS        High Speed

HSB       Hue, Saturation, Brightness (color model)

HSC       Hierarchical Storage Controller + High Speed Channel

HSI       Hue, Saturation, Intensity

HSM       Hierarchical Storage Management

HSP       High Speed Printer/Processor

HSSI      High Speed Serial Interface

HST       High Speed Technology [U.S. Robotics]

.HST      History + Host (file name extensions)

HSV       Hue Saturation Value

HTML      HyperText Markup Language

HTTP      HyperText Transfer Protocol

HTTP-NG   HTTP Next Generation

HUD       Heads Up Display

HUT       Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope

H/V       Horizontal/Vertical

HVP       Horizontal & Vertical Position

H/W       Hardware

HWCP      Hardware Code Page

HWD       Height-Width-Depth

.HYP      Hyphenation (file name extension)

HYTELNET  Hypertext-browser for Telnet Accessible Sites

Hz        Hertz


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IAB       Internet Architecture Board

IAC       Inter-Application Communication [Macintosh]

IAG       Instruction Address Generation

IAK       Internet Access Kit [IBM]

IAL     * International Algebraic Language

          (ALGOL was first called IAL)

IANA      Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

IAP       Internet Access Provider

IAT       Import Address Table

IAUP      Internet User Account Provider

IBC       Instrument Bus Computer

iBCS      Intel Binary Compatibility Specification

IBM       International Business Machines (Corporation)

IBM-GL    IBM Graphics Language

IC        Input Circuit + Integrated Circuit + Interrupt Controller

ICA       Intelligent Console Architecture +

          Intra-application Communications Area

ICAP      Internet Calendar Access Protocol [Lotus]

ICAS      Intel Communicating Applications Specifications

ICB       Internet Citizen's Band

ICCP      Institute for the Certification of

          Computing Professionals

ICD       International Code Designator

ICE       In-Circuit Emulator [Intel] +

          Integrated Computing Environment [Langley Research]

ICES      Interference-Causing Equipment Standard

ICI       Image Component Information

ICL       Interface Clear

ICLID     Incoming-Call Line Identification

ICM       Image Color Matching [Kodak] + Incoming Message

ICMP      Internet Control Message Protocol [Novell]

.ICO      Icon (file name extension)

iCOMP     Intel Comparative Microprocessor Performance [Intel]

ICP       Image Coprocessor + Integrated Channel Processor

ICR       Intelligent Character Recognition

ICS       Intuitive Command Structure

ICSAPI    Internet Connection Services API

ICU       Instruction-Cache Unit +

          Intel Configuration Utility [Microsoft] +

          ISA Configuration Utility

ID        Identification + Identifier

IDA       Integrated Digital Access + Intelligent Disk Array +

          Intelligent Drive Array

IDAPI     Integrated Database Application Programming Interface

IDC       Integrated Database Connector +

          Integrated Desktop Connector +

          Internet Database Connector [Microsoft]

IDDE      Integrated Development & Debugging Environment [Symantec]

IDE       Imbedded Drive Electronics +

          Integrated Development Environment [Borland] +

          Integrated Drive Electronics +

          Intelligent Drive Electronics +

          Interactive Design and Engineering +

          Interface Design Enhancement

IDEA      International Data Encryption Algorithm

IDF       Intermediate Distribution Frame

IDI       Initial Domain Identifier

IDIV      Integer Divide

IDL       Interactive Data Language +

          Interface Definition Language

IDM       Integrated Document Management

IDMS      Integrated Data Base Management System

IDNX      Integrated Digital Network Exchange [IBM]

IDP       Integrated Data Processing

IDR       Intelligent Document Recognition

IDT       Interface Design Tool + Interrupt Descriptor Table

.IDX      Index (file name extension)

IE        Internet Explorer [Microsoft]

IEC       International Electrotechnical Commission

IEEE      Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEF       Information Engineering Facility

IEMSI     Interactive Electronic Mail Standard


IEN       Internet Engineering Notes

IETF      Internet Engineering Task Force

IESG      Internet Engineering Steering Group

I/F       Interface

IFC       Internet Foundation Classes

IFD       Image File Directory

IFF       Interchangeable File Format [Amiga]

IFG       Incoming Fax Gateway

IFP       Instruction Fetch Pipeline

IFS       Installable File System

IFSM      Information Systems Management

IGA       Integrated Graphics Array

IGC       Integrated Graphics Controller

IGES      Initial Graphics Exchange Standard

IGFET     Insulated-Gate Field Effect Transistor

IGMP      Internet Group Multicast Protocol

IGP       Interior Gateway Protocol

IGRP      Interior Gateway Routing Protocol [Cisco]

IGS       Internet Go Server

IHD       Integrated Help Desk [IBM]

IHV       Independent Hardware Vendor

IIF       Immediate Interface

III       Interstate Identification Index [NCIC]

IIOP      Internet Inter-Operability Protocol

IIR       Immediate Impulse Response

IIS       Internet Information Server [Microsoft]

IITF      Information Infrastructure Task Force

IKP       Internet Keyed Payments [IBM]

ILA       Image Light Amplifier

ILP       Instruction-Level Paraallelism

ILS       International Language Support

IMACS     Image Management and Communication System

IMAP      Internet Message Access Protocol

IMAX      Maximum Image

IMDS      Image Data Stream (format) [IBM]

IME       Input Method Editor

IMG       Image

IML       Initial Microcode Load [IBM]

IMP       Information/Interface Message Processor

IMPA      Intelligent Multi-Port Adapter [DCA]

IMR       Internet Monthly Report

IMS       Information Management System +

          Intermediate Maintenance Standards

IMSP      Internet Message Support Protocol

IMTC      International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium

IMTV      Interactive Multimedia Television

IMUL      Integer Multiply

IMUX      Inverse Multiplexer

IN        Input

INC       Increment

.IND      Index (file name extension)

.INF      Information (file name extension)

.INFO     Information Services (Domain Name) [Internet]

.INI      Initialize (file name extension)

INIT      Initialization + Initialize

INM       Integrated Network Management

INND      Internet News Daemon

INS       Input String + Integrated Network Server

INT       Integer + Internal + Interrupt +

          International (organization Domain name) [Internet]

INTA      Interrupt Acknowledge

InterNIC  Internet Network Information Center

INTO      Interrupt if Overflow occurs

I2O       Intelligent Input/Output

I/O       Input/Output

IOC       Inter-Office Channel

IOCC      Input/Output Channel Converter +

          Input/Output Controller Chip

IOCS      Input/Output Control System

IOCTL     Input/Output Control

IODE      Integrated Development and Debugging

          Environment [Symantec]

IOP       Input/Output Processor

IOPL      Input/Output Privilege Level

IOR       Interoperable Object Reference

IOSGA     Input/Output Support Gate Array

IP        Instruction Pointer + Internet Protocol

IPBF      Installed Peripheral Base Flexibility

IPC       Instructions Per Clock + Interprocess Communication

IPCP      Internet Protocol Control Protocol

IPDS      IBM Personal Dictation System [IBM] +

          Intelligent Printer Data Stream [IBM]

IPFC      Information Presentation Facility Compiler [IBM]

IPI       Intelligent Peripheral Interface

IPL       Initial Program Load/Loader +

          Ion Projection Lithography

IPL     * Information Programming Language

IPM       Images Per Minute + Interpersonal Message

IPMI      Intelligent Platform Management Interface

IPng      Internet Protocol, next generation

IPSE      Integrated Project Support Environment

IPTC      International Press Telecommunications Council

IPX       Internetwork Packet Exchange [Novell]

IQL       Interactive Query Language

IR        Infrared

IRC       Internet Relay Chat

IRD       Integrated Receiver/Descrambler

IRDA      Infrared Data Association

IRDS      Information Resource Dictionary System

IRET      Interrupt Return

IRF       Intermediate Routing Function +

          Inheritance Rights Filter [Novell]

IRL       Interactive Reader Language + Inter-Repeater Link

IRLAP     Infrared Link Access Protocol

IRLED     Infrared Light Emitting Diode

IRM       Information Resource Management + Inherent Rights Mask

IRQ       Interrupt Request

IRTF      Internet Research Task Force

IRX       Information Retrieval Experiment

IS        Information System + Interrupt Status

ISA       Industry Standard Architecture +

          Instruction-Set Architecture

ISAM      Indexed Sequential-Access Management/Method

ISAPI     Internet Servier API [Microsoft]

ISBN      International Standard Book Number

ISC       Instruction Set Computer + Inter-Systems

          Communication [IBM]

ISD       Image Section Descriptor +

          Instructional Systems Design

ISDN      Integrated Services Digital Network

ISH       Information Super Highway

ISI       Internally Specified Index

ISIS      Integrated Systems and Information Services

ISKM      Internet Starter Kit for the Macintosh

ISL       Interactive System Language

ISM       Integrated Services Model [IETF] +

          Internet Service Manager [Mircrosoft]

ISMF      Interactive Storage Management Facility

ISOC      Internet Society

ISO       International Organization for Standardization

ISP       Internet Service Provider + Interrupt Stack Pointer +

          Interrupt Status Port

ISPF      Interactive System Programming Facility

ISR       Information Storage and Retrieval +

          Interrupt Service Routine +

          Interrupt Status Register

ISSN      International Standard Serial Number

ISV       Independent Software Vendor

IT        Information Technology

ITB       Information Technology Branch + Intermediate Text Block

ITC       International Typeface Corporation

ITE       Information Technology Equipment

ITF       Interactive Test Facility

ITN       Identification Tasking and Networking

ITR       Internet Talk Radio

ITU       International Telecommunication Union

ITUG      International Telecommunications User Group

ITU-TIES  ITU-Telecom Information Exchange Services

ITU-TSS   ITU-Telecommunication Standards Section

ITV       Interactive Television

ITX       Intermediate Text Block

IU        Integer Unit

IUAP      Internet User Account Provider

IUS/ITB   Interchange Unit Separator/Intermediate Transmission


IVIS      Interactive Video Information System

IVL       Independent Vendor League + Intel Verification Lab

IVR       Interactive Voice Response

IVS       Interactive Videodisk System

IVT       Interrupt Vector Table

IV&V      Independent Verification & Validation

I-WAY     Information Highway

IXC       Interexchange Carrier


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JA        Jump Address + Jump if Above

JAD       Joint Application Design

JAE       Jump if Above or Equal

JANET     Joint Academic Network

JAR       Java Archive (file format)

JBE       Jump if Below or Equal

JC        Jump if Carry set

JCL       Job Control Language

JDBC      Java Database Connectivity

JDK       Java Development Kit

JE        Jump if Equal

JEDEC     Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council

JEIDA     Japanese Electronics Industry Development Association

JEPI      Joint Electronic Payment Initiative

JES       Job Entry System

JFC       Java Foundation Classes

JFET      Junction Field Effect Transistor

JFIF      JPEG File Interchange Format

JFS       Journaled File System [IBM]

JG        Jump if Greater

JGE       Jump if Greater or Equal

JIPS      JANET Internet Protocol Service

JIT       Just-In-Time (compiler)

JL        Jump if Less

JLE       Jump if Less than or Equal to

JLIP      Joint Level Interface Protocol

JMAPI     Java Management Application Program Interface

JMF       Java Media Framework [Sun]

JMP       Jump

JNA       Jump if Not Above

JNAE      Jump if Not Above or Equal

JNB       Jump if Not Below

JNBE      Jump if Not Below or Equal

JNG       Jump if Not Greater

JNGE      Jump if Not Greater or Equal

JNI       Java Native Interface

.JNK      Junk (file name extension)

JNLE      Jump if Not Less or Equal

JNO       Jump if No Overflow

JNP       Jump if No Parity

JNS       Jump if No Sign

JOE       Java Objects Everywhere

JOHNNIAC* John Neumann Integrator and

          Automatic Computer [Rand Corp.]

JOSS    * Johnniac Open Shop System [Rand Corp.]

JPE       Jump if Parity Even

JPEG      Joint Photographic Experts Group

JPL       Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JPO       Jump if Parity Odd

JRE       Java Runtime Environment

JS        Jump if Sign

JTAPI     Java Telephony Application Programming Interface

JZ        Jump if Zero

JNZ       Jump if Not Zero

JSS       Java-Script Style Sheet

JUGHEAD   Jonzy's Universal Gopher Hierarchy

          Excavation and Display [Internet]

JVM       Java Virtual Machine


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K-12      Kindergarten through 12th Grade [US Education System]

KAM       Keep Alive Memory

Kb        Kilobit

KB        Keyboard + Kilobyte (1,024 bytes)

KBD       Keyboard (also KEYB)

KBD$      Keyboard [OS/2]

KBE       Knowledge Based Engineering

Kbps      Kilobits Per Second

KBps      Kilobytes Per Second

KDT       Key Definition Table

KEFIR     Key Findings Reporter [GTE]

KEYBBE    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Belgium

KEYBBR    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Brazil

KEYBCF    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Canadian-French

KEYBCZ    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Czechoslovakia


KEYBDK    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Denmark

KEYBFR    Foreign language KEYBoard program - France

KEYBGR    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Germany

KEYBHU    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Hungary

KEYBIT    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Italy

KEYBLA    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Latin America

KEYBNL    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Netherlands

KEYBNO    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Norway

KEYBPL    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Poland

KEYBPO    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Portugal

KEYBSF    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Swiss-French

KEYBSG    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Swiss-German

KEYBSL    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Czechoslovakia


KEYBSP    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Spain

KEYBSU    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Finland

KEYBSV    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Sweden

KEYBUK    Foreign language KEYBoard program - United Kingdom

KEYBUS    Foreign language KEYBoard program - United States

KEYBYU    Foreign language KEYBoard program - Yugoslavia

KHz       Kilohertz

KIF       Knowledge Interchange Format

KIS       Knowbot Information Service [Internet]

KPI       Kernel Programming Interface

KQML      Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language

KSH       Korn Shell (program) [Unix]

KSPH      Keystrokes Per Hour

KSR       Keyboard Send Receive

KRS       Knowledge Retrieval System


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L2F       Layer Two Forwarding [Cisco]

L2TP      Layer Two Tunneling Protocol

LADDR     Layered Device Driver Architecture [Microsoft]

LALL      Longest Allowed Lobe Length

LAN       Local Area Network

LANACS    Local Area Network Asynchronous Connection Server

LANDP     LAN Distributed Platform

LANE      Local Area Network Emulation

LANG      Language

LAPB      Link Access Procedure Balanced (protocol)

LAPD      Link Access Procedure on the D-Channel (protocol)

LAPM      Link Access Procedure for Modems

LAR       Load Access Rights

LASER     Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

LASTport  Local Area Storage Transport (protocol) [DEC]

LAT       Local Access Terminal +

          Local Area Transport [DEC]

LATA      Local Access and Transport Area

LAVC      Local Area VAX Cluster

LAWN      Local Area Wireless Network

LB        Left Button (of 2 or 3 button Mouse)

LBA       Logical Block Addressing

LBL       Label

LBR       Librarian

.LBR      Library (file name extension)

LBT       Listen Before Talk

LBX       Local Bus Accelerator

LCA       Lotus Communications Architecture [Lotus]

LCC       Leadless Chip Carrier

LCD       Liquid Crystal Display + Lowest Common Denominator

LCF       Low Cost Fiber

LCK       Library Construction Kit [Microsoft FoxPro]

LCP       Link Control Protocol

LCR       Least Cost Routing + Line Control Register

LCSD      Laminate Chip Signal Diode

LCU       Last Cluster Used

LDA       Logical Device Address

LDAP      Lightweight Directory Access Protocol [IBM]

LDC       Lotus Development Corporation

LDDS      Long Distance Discount Services (company)

LDM       Long Distance Modem

LDT       Local Descriptor Table

LE        Less or Equal

LEA       Load Effective Address

LEAF      Law Enforcement Access Field

LEC       Local Area Network Emulation Client +

          Local Exchange Carrier

LED       Light Emitting Diode

LEL       Link, Embed and Launch-to-edit [Lotus]

LEM       Language Extension Module

LEN       Low Entry Networking

LEO       Low Earth Orbit

LES       Local Area Network Emulation Server

.LET      Letter (file name extension)

LEX       Lexicon

LF        Line Feed

LFAP      Lightweight Flow Admission Protocol

LFI       Last File Indicator

LFN       Long File Name

LFT       Low Function Terminal [IBM]

LFU       Least Frequently Used

LGA       Leadless Grid Array

LGDT      Load Global Descriptor Table

LIAS      Library Information Access System

.LIB      Library (file name extension)

LIC       Line Interface Coupler [IBM]

LICS      Lotus International Character Set [LDC]

LIDT      Load Interrupt Descriptor Table

LIEP      Large Internet Exchange Packet [Novell]

LIF       Low Insertion Force

LIFO      Last In, First Out

LILO      Last In, Last Out

LIM       Lotus/Intel/Microsoft

LIMA      Lotus/Intel/Microsoft/AST

LIMDO     Light Intensity Modulation Direct Overwrite

LIMM      Light Intensity Modulation Method

LIMS      Library Information Management System

LINUX     (Operating system named after Linus Torvalds)

LIP       Large Internet Packet

LIPS      Lightweight Internet Person Schema +

          Logical Inferences Per Second

LISP      List Processing (Language)(See HLL)

LISTSERV  List Server [Internet]

LIU       LAN Interface Unit

LIW       Long Instruction Word

LLC       Logical Link Control

LLDT      Load Local Descriptor Table

LLF       Low Level Format

LMB       Left Mouse Button

LMBCS     Lotus Multi-Byte Character Set [Lotus]

LMD       Last Modification Date

LMDS      Local Multipoint Distribution Service

LMI       Link/Local Management Interface

LMS       Lotus Messaging Switch [Lotus]

LMSW      Load Machine Status Word

LMU       LAN Management Utilities [IBM] +

          LAN Manager for Unix

LN        Load Number + Logarithm (Natural)

LN:DI     Lotus Notes:Document Imaging

LNK       Link

LOB       Line of Business

LOC       Lines Of Code + Loop On-Line Control

LOCIS     Library of Congress Information System

LOD       Level Of Detail

LODSB     Load String Byte

LOG       Logarithm (Base 10)

LOGO      (Programming Language)(See HLL)

LON       Local Operating Network

LOOPE     Loop while Equal

LOOPNE    Loop while Not Equal

LOOPNZ    Loop while Not Zero

LOOPZ     Loop while Zero

LORE      Line Oriented Editor

LPAR      Logic Programming and Automated Reasoning

LPC       Local Procedure Call

LPD       Line Printer Daemon (protocol) [Berkley]

LPI       Lines Per Inch

LPL       Lotus Programming Language [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]

LPM       Lines Per Minute

LPN       Logical Page Number

LPR       Line Printer Remote

LPS       Low-Power Schottky

LPT       Line Printer

LPT1      First Parallel Printer Port

LPT2      Second Parallel Printer Port

LPT3      Third Parallel Printer Port

LQ        Letter Quality

LQM       Link Quality Monitoring (protocol)

LR        Link Register

LRC       Local Register Cache +

          Longitudinal Redundancy Check

LRL       Least Recently Loaded

LRM       Language Reference Manual + Least Recently-Used Master

.LRS      Language Resource (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

LRU       Least Recently Used

LSA       LAN and SCSI Adapter [IBM] + Line Sharing Adapter +

          Local Security Authority [Microsoft]

LSAPI     License Services Application Program Interface

LSB       Least Significant Bit

LSC       Least Significant Character

LSD       Least Significant Digit

LSI       Large Scale Integration

LSL       Link Support Layer + Load Segment Limit

LST       List

.LST      List (file name extension)

LTR       Left-To-Right + Letter + Load Task Register

LU        Logical Unit (Also LUN)

LUA       Logical Unit Application (interface)

LUI       Local User Input

LUIS      Library User Information Service

LUN       Logical Unit Number

LUT       Lookup Table

LV        Logical Volume [IBM]

LVDS      Low-Voltage Differential Signaling

LVM       Logical Volume Management [IBM]

LW        Lazy Write

.LYR      Lyrics (music file name extension)

LZW       Lempel-Ziv-Welch (algorithm)